become a partner of the section

If you have an e‑shop with a wide range of brands and different types of goods, and also the capacity to answer questions in a timely manner, then we offer you the opportunity to present yourself at Heureka as a professional advisor for a specific type of goods.

Become a partner What are my obligations as a partner?

What do I get as a partner?


You will make your e-shop visible in the Heureka Advice Forum

Your logo with a link to your website will be posted in the Advice Forum on Heureka.


You will become a credible seller of the brand's products

Your e-shop will act as an advisor and reliable vendor of the specific products and you can reach and educate new customers.


You can positively influence customer decisions

As Partner of the section, you can provide the user with valuable purchase advice that will convince them to buy the product from your e-shop.

What are your obligations as a Section Partner?

We choose Section Partner so that users will receive quick and quality answers when choosing a specific product type. You can only become a partner if the specific category does not yet have a partner. The partnership is not time-limited.

To be a partner the brand can always trust, you should:

  • Answer inquires as soon as possible - ideally within an hour from an inquiry
  • Answer using the form on website
  • Answer all questions “If I do not sell the specific product, I will find the information and answer anyhow”
  • Do not refer to your own website or other advice portals
  • Answer in a polite and friendly manner
  • If the Section Partner needs to add a weblink to the question, a link directed to Heureka will be used

Partnership may be revoked for any breach of the obligations, without any prior notice.

How can I become a partner of the section?

Offer a wide range of brands in a given category of goods in your e‑shop

Get good user reviews 

One of the conditions that we look at when awarding Section Partner is good ratings from your customers - preferably a Verified by Customers certificate.

The service can be activated in your e‑shop administration, tab Verified by Customers -> Activate. Once done, check the pre-filled data, enter your e-mail address, agree to the terms and conditions and save everything.

Turn your e‑shop into the paid PPC mode

Check the credit status in the administration of your e-shop. In order to activate PPC mode, top up your credit. The minimum credit amount for recharging is 30 EUR excl. VAT. The credit can be topped-up by online credit card payment, online payment, or bank transfer. PPC fees are charged based on the PPC price list.

Top up credit

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