Unlawful conduct report


In case you have a suspicion on any unlawful conduct in Heureka Group a.s., you have a possibility to announce it. We highly recommend to primarily use our internal announcement system. Methods within the internal announcement system are as follows:

  1. In writing or orally through announcement interface available at heureka.whistlelink.com
  2. In personal meeting with a responsible person. You can arrange a personal meeting using contact information of a responsible person.

Heureka Group a.s. does not accept announcements from persons which are not employees, interns, volunteers, or are not doing any work implied by a contract with Heureka Group a.s., whose subject is supplying of deliveries, services, construction works or any cognate fulfillment. Announcements from other persons will not be accepted and resolved by Heureka Group a.s.

It is also possible to make an announcement using external announcement system by the Ministry of Justice by filling in the webform available at https://oznamovatel.justice.cz/chci-podat-oznameni/. We highly recommend to use the internal announcement system for the quickest and most effective solution.

Heureka Group a.s. is not obliged to accept anonymous announcements according to the Act 171/2023 Coll. on announcers protection. For easier resolving we kindly ask you to include your name and job role, or other data for your identification. It is not excluded that we will verify anonymous announcements, should these seem relevant.

Responsible person

Announcements within Heureka Group a.s. are verified and resolved by appointed responsible personnel exclusively. Responsible personnel are:

Denisa Ferková

734 702 607

[email protected]

Iva Guthová

739 322 729

[email protected]

Contact information serves only for answering questions about announcements or to appoint a meeting with a responsible person. This information is not intended for announcing unlawful conduct itself.  To make an announcement use any of the methods mentioned in ANNOUNCEMENT METHOD section.