Entrust your product captions to professionals

Don’t leave the product detail up to the e-shops alone - rely on our content specialists instead.

  • We will prepare a product detail with all the relevant information, attractive images and crucial sales arguments.
  • Your product presentation will look professional and give customers more information in a concise format.
  • This will support the product selection on Heureka and customers will visit your e-shop already convinced to purchase.

I want Premium product detail Why get Premium product detail?

What does Premium product detail look like?

Samples of Premium product detail – more information, images and sales arguments.

View products with Premium detail on Heureka

What will Premium product detail do for me?


You will get a professional product detail look

Thanks to more information, images and sales arguments, your product presentation will be more appealing.


Reach more customers

Based on your requirements, we will edit product descriptions so that your products appeal to the most customers.


Show customer your products

As part of the Premium Product Detail, you can refer visitors to other products of your brand across Heureka.

How much will the processing of Premium product detail cost me?

The result prices for paid captions are individual and depend on multiple factors. The listed prices are approximate - the specific amount will be provided by your sales representative.

Unique productfrom CZK 1000
Product variantfrom CZK 600

The completion deadline always depends on the number of captions you order and the speed of providing reference materials.

If you have an active campaign, we will do our utmost for the extended captions to be visible at the same time or even sooner.

I want Premium product detail

What references do I need to submit?

Send us the references via a service such as uschovna.cz or share them via Google Drive. What we need from you:

  • List of unique products and variants - ideally with links to Heureka,
  • images for the gallery - ideally in JPEG format,
  • videos - via a link to YouTube,
  • texts - brief caption (max. 180 characters), medium caption (max. 800 characters) and individual blocks,
  • attachments to captions - instruction manuals, product and information sheets, product information leaflets, etc. (in PDF format).

How do I get Premium product detail?

To order Premium product detail, contact your sales representative or send us an e-mail at [email protected].

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Alice Pospíchalová

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