Keep track of the product prices of competing e-shops

The Assortment report provides key data to the e-shop staff responsible for the assortment structure and pricing.

  • The key data take the form of a data export in the format of your choice (XLS, XLM and CVS) and are available online for a period of 3 months.
  • The Assortment report does not show the names of competing e-shops, only the price distribution on the market.
  • It is available only to holders of the Verified by Customers certificate.

I am interested in the Assortment report What data does it contain?

What data does the Assortment report contain?

The report contains only products included in the Heureka catalog at the time the report was generated. Key report data include:

1. number of competitors offering the given product,
2. comparison of the product price in your e-shop and the market,
3. option of sorting by product popularity on Heureka and other filters.

Data overview:

Name of segment on

Name of category on

Product name
Product name specified in the e-shop’s XML file

Product ID
Unique product identification on Heureka

Name of product producer

Unique identifier of individual types of goods in EAN 13 format (more about EAN codes)

tem ID
Unique product identification within the e-shop

Your URL
Link to the page offering the given product in the e-shop

Heureka URL
Link to the product page with a comparison of other e-shop prices

E-shops selling the product
Number of e-shops offering the product on

Your position by price
Where your e-shop is positioned for comparison of offers from the lowest price. The offers of recommended e-shops are not taken into account

Product popularity on market (in the past 8 days)

Relative value only - the higher the number, the more popular the product. Serves to compare the most popular products from your assortment.

Your price
Final product price incl. VAT, incl. copyright and recycling fees.

Your position by bidding
Average position of the offer in product detail, which was clicked on in the past 3 days. Example: if the offer was ranked 3rd among recommended shops, 3 will be saved; if the offer was first immediately after the recommended e-shops with 3 offers, 5 will be saved, etc.
If there was no click on the offer in the past 3 days, the average offer position in the given category will be shown. Example: the e-shop has 3 positions in one category (A, B and C) - A registered 3 clicks in 3 days in the 4th, 5th and 6th positions, so 5 will be shown; B had 1 click in the 1st position (1 will be shown); product C had no clicks, so the average of A and B will be shown, meaning 5 ([4 + 6 + 5 + 1] / 4 = 4)

Price per click
Maximum price per click defined in the offer (in your administration or feed). If you do not bid on the offer, you will be shown the price per click in the section or minimum price per click in the section

Lowest price
Lowest price offer for the given product

Price min2 - Price min10
Price of 9 shops with the lowest offer

Price max10 - Price max2
Prices of 9 shops with the highest offer

Highest price
Highest price offer for the given product

How do I get the Product assortment report?

Get a Verified by Customers certificate

The Product assortment report is only available to customers with a Verified by Customers certificate. If you have a certificate, proceed to step 2

I want a Verified by Customers certificate

Generate the report in your administration

The Assortment report is available for download in the administration for all e-shops with a Verified by Customers certificate.

Generate report

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