Increase your turnover by up to 28%

Join Heureka Marketplace and let your customers buy selected goods from your e‑shop but directly on Heureka. This simplifies your entire purchase process, as it has for around 1,800 e‑shops in Czechia and Slovakia.

  • Heureka Marketplace serves as an intermediary and guarantor of secure shopping.
  • Supports your brand rather than hides it.
  • Your partner, not your competitor - Heureka does not sell any of its own products.
  • Has the lowest commissions on the market and there are no hidden fees.
  • Increases customer trust and interest in e‑shops that are involved in the program.

I want Heureka Marketplace Why use Heureka Marketplace?

What does the heureka Marketplace do for me?


Increases your conversion chances

The in-between step of clicking through to your e-shop is eliminated therefore is the risk of losing the customer significantly reduced.


You only pay for completed sales

The registration and use of Heureka Marketplace and the customer benefits are free of charge. If the customer cancels or returns the order, we do not charge the commission.

Commission pricelist


Strengthen your client base

Be where there are thousands of potential customers - on the most frequented e-commerce website on Czech and Slovak Internet.


Differ from the competition

With Heureka Marketplace, you can rank among the most visible TOP position in the Product catalogue.


No extra cost for you

The customer always has the option of paying online when shopping via Heureka Marketplace. The payment gateway is free for you.


You will have less administration

Heureka offers its own support centre. We can handle most questions. You can focus on improving your e-shop instead.

What conditions do I have to meet to use the heureka Marketplace?

Join PPC mode

To use Heureka Marketplace services, you have to add your e-shop to the paid PPC mode. Your products will be paired with the relevant categories in the Heureka catalogue, allowing the e-shop to increase the reach of new customers.

More about PPC regime

Get a Verified by Customers certificate

You can only join Heureka Marketplace with consistent quality ratings and the Verified by Customers certificate. The Verified by Customers service is free, you only need to integrate it into your e-shop. Then you will simply wait for positive reviews from your customers.

More about the Verified by Customers certificate

I want Heureka Marketplace

How do I join the Heureka Marketplace?

Verify the registration option

Check in your administration whether your e-shop can be registered for Heureka Marketplace.

Verify the registration option

Click on the “Register” button

If you do not see the button in your administration, your e-shop is either already registered or does not meet the mandatory conditions for registration. In this case, your administration will state the reason why you cannot register.

Complete the additional data

In your administration -> in the Settings tab complete the contact details and data for returning/claiming goods. In the case of direct connection via API, enter the API URL.

Notice: This information must always be up-to-date. Do not forget to edit the data if you have a new address or contact details.

Wait for our specialist to contact you

How much will Heureka Marketplace cost me?

Registration and use of the marketplace are free. If a customer makes a purchase via the orange Buy on Heureka button, we will charge you a small sales commission. The value always differs based on the specific product category.

Commision pricelist

If the customer uses the Go to E-shop button to make the purchase and clicks through to your e-shop website, only the price per click will be charged.

Pricelist of clicks

Frequently asked questions concerning Heureka Marketplace

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