Use the advertising space of the internet with Heureka Group

Whether you want to promote specific products or the brand, external banner ads will get you to places even outside the Heureka website, e.g. Google,,, YouTube and more.

  • This is advertising designated primarily for brands.
  • Your ads will show up in advertising content networks or on YouTube, based on the recommended and specific targets.

I want External banner ads Why use External banner ads?

Present your product/brand under the auspices of Heureka - the largest shopping advisor and expert in Online shopping.

You can choose from several bundles and advertising formats.

What will External banner ads do for me?


Your ad will have greater reach

Bundles are focused on impressions, and we also optimise them for quality traffic.


You will be seen by those who are seriously interested in the product

We use audience retargeting with Heureka brand strength.


Get effectiveness overviews

Once completed, we will evaluate, comment and send you a statistical report on your campaign.

Which bundles can I choose?

We offer all the formats in MINI, MEDIUM and LARGE bundles which include: banner production, costs for campaign production and management, campaign credit.

For a pricelist and more information, contact our sales team or contact us via e-mail at [email protected].

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