Get up to 3x more click-throughs

Set your e-shop to PPC mode and pair your products to the individual categories in the Heureka catalogue.

  • Paid PPC mode is the basic means of promoting your e-shop on Heureka, similar to Google AdWords, Sklik, etc.
  • The products are displayed, among other e-shops in the Heureka catalogue, in search results, and in product details.
  • You can reach hundreds to thousands of people daily, whereas in unpaid Free mode you only reach dozens.

I want to switch to PPC Why switch to PPC?

difference between free and PPC mode

Find out the categories where it is worthwhile for you to switch to PPC mode.

Products are paired in the catalogueNeAno
A product card is created for productsNeAno
Product reviews are displayedNeAno
The e‑shop can get a Verified by Customers certificateAnoAno
The e‑shop can implement the Conversion Measurement serviceAnoAno
Number of customers reached per dayDozensHundreds or even thousands
PriceFreePrice per click

I want to switch to PPC

Switching between Free and PPC mode

If you have topped up your credit and are in PPC mode, you can freely switch between Free and PPC modes. This function is especially suitable during holidays. If you switch the shop to Free mode, the products in the Heureka catalogue will be deactivated and will only show up in full-text searches.

what does pcc mode do for me?


Get up to 3x more click-throughs

After switching to PPC mode, e-shops see higher click rates, on average up to 3 times more.


Your products will show up in the Heureka catalogue

Your e-shop’s offer will be paired in the relevant categories of the Heureka catalogue and its satellites.


You can get a good position in the product details

This means that you will appear in the top 4 spots among recommended e-shops.


You will reach hundreds to thousands of customers per day

Your goods will appear in the Heureka catalogue and in the search results.


You can easily measure conversions

Using the Conversion Measurement tool, you can discover how many customers completed their purchase with you thanks to the PPC mode. You can easily measure the performance of your campaigns.


You will get other extra options

With the PPC regime, you can download the availability XML file and if you have a Verified by Customers certificate, you also get the Assortment report, or you can join the Heureka Marketplace.


You can get a 
Verified by Customers certificate

Thanks to the certificate, your website will be more trustworthy for customers and your visitation rate will increase.


Your e-shop’s offer will appear on the product card

Your goods will be shown in the most important position, where customers decide who to buy from.


Your ads will appear for only cents per click

Prices per click start at 0.6 EUR.
Pay per click pricelist

how can I activate pcc mode?

Check your credit balance in your e-shop administration

If necessary, top up your credit

The minimum value of credit top-up is 30 EUR excl. VAT. Credit can be topped up online using a payment card, fast online transfer or standard bank transfer. PPC click-throughs are then billed based on the pay per click pricelist.

Top up credit

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