Inspire customers to purchase products

Offer your products to up to half a million subscribers to our newsletter and watch your sales and product positions in search results rise.

  • You will reach customers that didn’t even know they want the product, or persuade those who have been choosing for some time to purchase it.
  • We create the visual format of the newsletter, you don’t have to worry about anything.
  • A click from the e-mail leads directly to the product detail.

I want product placement in mailing Why use it?

What does Product placement in mailing look like?

Mailing is single-product - that means that your product gets 100% attention from everybody who opens and views it.

What will Product placement in mailing do for me?


It will move you to the top ranks in searches

Thanks to our mailing, the number of unique product views can rise by tens or hundreds of percent, as does the position in search rankings.


Your product will appear in Czechia and Slovakia

Almost half a million users subscribe to our newsletter, of which 325,000 are in Czechia and over 150,000 in Slovakia.


You get easy promotion

We don’t want to overwhelm our subscribers with a lot of text, which is why our newsletter only contains striking attractive text and your product incorporated into the graphic design.


You will reach only active users

The database of addressed e-mails is active, cleared of non-functional addresses.

How to start using Product placement in mailing on Heureka

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