Reach customers through the television screen

Show your products in Heureka TV ads and reach a massive audience in Czechia and Slovakia We offer very attractive prices in both countries.

  • Television advertising is the ideal tool to build awareness of its advantages.
  • We will arrange everything. You don’t have to pay creative or media agencies.
  • In Czechia, our ads are broadcast on the Nova Group, the strongest television group for the 20-55 age category. In Slovakia we broadcast the ads on TV JOJ.

I want TV ads Why use TV ads?

where will the ad run?

The Nova Group includes:

  • Nova
  • Nova Cinema
  • Nova Action
  • Nova Fun (formerly Nova 2)
  • Nova Lady
  • Nova Gold
  • Markíza Int.
  • Nova Sport 1,2,3,4

TV JOJ includes:

  • JOJ Plus
  • WAU TV
  • Jojko
  • JOJ Cinema
  • JOJ Family

What will TV ads do for me?


You will reach an immense mass of viewers

Television does not serve for direct and measurable sales, but primarily to present the product to the general public.


You get 35% of the space for product presentation

This means that we devote 7 seconds to the presentation of your product in a 20 second spot.


You don’t have to worry about anything

We take charge of the entire agenda related to creativity, production and delivery of the spot to the televisions at our own expense. You just provide the references needed to create the vendor segment and pay for the media space.

How much will I pay for media space?

  • TV space is purchased at GRP (gross rating point) or TRP (target rating point), which is essentially equal to one percent of all viewers, respectively one percent of a specific target group.
  • The price on TV depends on the season, which means that the price per GRP/TRP varies in different months. More information will be provided by our sales representatives.

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