9 countries in Central and Eastern Europe, over 23 million visitors per month and a network of over 55,000 online stores. This is the Heureka Group, Europe’s largest price comparison website and online shopping advisor.

We simplify and facilitate online shopping for millions of customers every day. Our mission is to connect e‑shops and brands with customers abroad – to help them reach out to all Heureka Group users across the region, giving them maximum support in every way as they grow.

What is Heureka Group Play
countries with potential customers
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Together, we have created the largest interconnected product catalogue on the European online shopping market.

our vision

Heureka Group's key missions are to help people shop smartly, borderless, and to connect brands and e‑shops with customers.

Our vision is to build the largest online shopping platform, the so-called "Heureka Marketplace" across the region of Central and Eastern Europe, and become the largest shopping advisor with the widest range of products in just one place.

The unified platform will facilitate the expansion of e‑shops without the need for staying local and will simplify possible acquisitions of e‑shops.
Thanks to the excellent coverage of the Central and Eastern European region, we are and will be able to provide e‑shops and brands with important data, analysis, and support for their business decisions. We will also use all of the 9 sites to help brands and other partners reach and target the right users across the region, and while doing so we will provide the e‑shop with maximum support in any thinkable way.

people behind heureka!group

Tomáš Braverman

Tomáš Braverman
Chief Executive Officer

Tomáš has been the CEO of Heureka since 2013. In 2019 his role was extended to CEO of the entire Heureka Group. It is Tomáš who is responsible that Heureka Group runs smoothly. His main goal is to strategize so that it benefits Heureka Group’s position as the largest e-commerce platform on the Central and Eastern European markets.

Michal Vodák
Chief Operations Officer

Michal has been part of Heureka since the summer of 2018. Thanks to Michal’s know-how, his main focus is to further connect Heureka Group’s different markets. He aims to use new technologies, and implement best practices, gained from Heureka Group’s experience in the Czech Republic, to international partners.

Lukáš Gulík
Chief Financial Officer

Lukáš joined Heureka in June 2019 as the highest financial oracle. His main task is to manage and supervise all financial matters concerning the group. To achieve all of Heureka's goals, he uses the synergies that work between the various markets.

Lukáš Putna
Chief Technology Officer

Lukáš has been with Heureka since July 2017. From his first moment at Heureka he has been uniting Heureka's technological direction with its product vision. Lukáš is a big protagonist of agile methodologies with a strong emphasis on independent development teams. Lukaš's main task is to build one platform with the devs team for the benefit of the whole group.

Marek Grynhoff
Chief Product Officer

Marek has been the head of product development at Heureka since February 2018. Marek helped to implement OKRs in Heureka and got rid of inflexible roadmaps and enforces step-by-step product development with ongoing verification that the adjustments being made have meaning and are useful for our clients.

Martina Chloupková
Group HR Director

Martina became the Head of the HR department of the entire Heureka Group in July 2021. Her main goal is, of course, to support recruitment, and the big challenge is recruiting more than 110 new colleagues. Martina also finds it important to develop activities, and co-create a thriving environment for cross-international teams, connecting individual cultures, values, and behavioural ideals.

Michal Buzek
BI Director

Michal joined Heureka in October 2017. Correct data analysis and interpretation is an essential tool of any successful business strategy. Michal‘s team, therefore, helps all departments, across Heureka Group, to make the right decisions for the best possible impact on end customers and e-shops using the e-commerce platform.

Jan Mayer
Managing Director of CZ/SK

Jan has been the Managing Director of Heureka Group since July 2021. From his expertise on the local markets, Honza oversees the key area of customer success, VIP client care, and important business partners. Improving Heureka Group’s content in the B2B and B2C sector is high priority for Honza.

András Szták

András Szták
Managing Director of HU/RO/BG


David Čreslovnik
Managing Director of SLO/HR/BA/RS

David has been the Managing Director of the entire Adriatic since 2019. He is known among his colleagues as a strong supporter of the "lead by example" principle and has exceptional analytical skills. His great passion is state-of-the-art technology and has a great desire to implement them in business processes.

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