Show your product on YouTube with Heureka

Use the option of the professional promotion of your brand on the most visited video server and video search engine. We have 3 formats on offer:

  • Your brand or product can appear in a Heureka packshot advertising spot shown across YouTube.
  • You can use space in video reviews for up to 4 products from one brand. In addition to YouTube, the video reviews will be shown on our website.
  • You can be a Shopping Advisor partner and use product placement in an episode of our series of video tutorials on our YouTube channel and website.

I want YouTube promo Why use YouTube promo?


What does YouTube promo from Heureka look like?

Your product can be part of a video in the Shopping Advisor series, where a host advises customers on how to choose goods in the given category so as to meet their needs.

What will YouTube promo from Heureka do for me?


Your brand will appear in a professional video

Show the products in a video from our production. The high credibility of Heureka as a shopping advisor is a bonus.


You will be visible

Heureka advertising spots reach up to several million views. You can also influence the number of views with the chosen bundle.


You don’t have to worry about anything

Just choose the video format, bundle for campaign credit and in the case of Shopping Advisor or video review, we will approve the video script together.

Which video format should I choose?

We offer all the formats in MINI, MEDIUM and LARGE bundles which include: video production, costs for campaign production and management, campaign credit. For a pricelist and more information, contact our sales team at [email protected].

Take a look at the brief overview of video campaigns on YouTube from Heureka:


Your brand can appear in the packshot of our advertising spot, which has a certain dedicated time. Our advertising spots are currently available in skippable Pre-Roll or Bumper format. Based on the defined target, this advertisement will appear in YouTube videos and is supported by an accompanying banner. Watch a sample:

Shopping advisor

You can be a Shopping Advisor partner and your product will be part of a video tutorial that will be seen by thousands of subscribers. This involves the placement of your product in the video representing a specific category that the given episode is focused on, e.g. How to choose a vacuum cleaner. We will also upload the video to our website You can also arrange for the exclusivity of this advertising space for a certain time period. Learn more at Shopping Advisor.

Video reviews

Show up to 4 products from one brand and category, which an expert or influencer reviews based on the product characteristics and definition.

What does a review look like? Watch e.g. a comparison of robotic vacuum cleaners. We will also upload the video review to our website

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