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Measure conversion to get detailed information about the efficacy of display on Heureka. Conversion metering is a tool that shows you how many customers coming from Heureka completed their purchase in your e-shop.

  • Track your return on investment (ROI) down to the level of specific categories and products.
  • Every e-shop registered with Heureka can use the service.

I want to measure conversion Why use Conversion Measurement?

How does conversion measurement work?

With the Conversion Measurement tool, you can track how many clicks and from which products were converted into orders in your e‑shop administration (Click-through statistics tab). Conversions may be counted up to 30 days after the click-through.

What does conversion measurement do for me?


You get information about the efficacy of displaying on Heureka

You find out how many Heureka users completed their purchase in your e-shop.


Your investments will be constantly under control

With the Conversion Measurements, you can track your ROI down to the level of categories and products specific.


Simplify work with increasing the price per click

We will provide three types of reports which significantly ease the work with setting higher prices per click.


The service is free

Conversion Measurement is available entirely free-of-charge for all e-shops registered with Heureka.


You can count the PNO

Only Conversion Measurement allows you to calculate the cost to turnover ratio per category, product or Heureka as a channel

How do I get the Conversion Metering tool?

Insert the Conversion Measurement code into your e‑shop

If you have an e‑shop with one of the shop systems, it is usually sufficient to copy your Conversion metering code and insert it into your e‑shop. You can find the code in Heurece administration under the Conversion Measurement tab.

If you have a different implementation solution or customized e-shop, ask your programmer to connect.

How to connect Conversion Measurement

Make full use of the obtained data through XML reports

In order to work better with data, you can use the option of downloading these data into an XML file.

More about reports

XML reports from conversion measurement

We have prepared three types of Conversion Measurement reports, which will significantly ease your work with bidding, meaning increasing the price per click beyond the standard Heureka pricelist.

You can switch on the generating of XML report in e-shop administration (Conversion Measurement tab). In order for reports to be generated, you must correctly implement Conversion Metering and be in the paid PPC regime.

More about reports

Increase the conversion ratio by optimizing XML files

The right optimization of XML report files can help you get far more customers. Take a look at how.

How to increase the conversion rate

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