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With us, you get access not only to tools that help you address up to thousands of customers every day, but also support the strength of your brand - from advertising to brand promos on Heureka or acquiring reviews.

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Basic content: Product editing

Edit your product cards at your discretion and give customers current information about the product in a clear and concise manner.

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Rich content: Premium product details

We will prepare the product detail full of important information, attractive images and essential sales arguments.

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Product Ads advertising system

Remain visible and use the Product Ads advertising tool to present your products on the top ranks. This will contribute to higher brand visibility.

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Authorised Seller

Label your e-shop as an Authorised Seller and increase its chances of success.

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Brand Zone

You will be more visible among the competitors and present your brand in the Heureka catalog at the highest level.

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Shopping advisor

Become a Shopping Advisor partner and your product will be part of a video tutorial, which will be seen by tens of thousands of subscribers to our YouTube channel.

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Have your product tested by proven reviewers, testers from, and get unbiased and high-quality reviews for your products on Heureka.

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Product placement in mailingu

Offer your products to up to half a million subscribers to our newsletter and watch your sales and product positions in search results rise.

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Banner ads

Use another effective tool to be visible on Heureka. Promote your products and brands with Banner ads.

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External banner ads

Whether you want to promote specific products or a brand, External banner advertising will get you to places beyond the Heureka site.

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Youtube promo

Use the option of the professional promotion of your brand on the most visited advertising video server and video search engine.

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TV advertisement

Show your products in TV ads and reach a mass audience in Czechia and Slovakia.

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