Sell the products your competitors sell

The Missing product report will provide you with information about the top products in your categories which your e‑shop doesn’t offer, and the competition for them in our catalogue.

I want the Missing product report What will I find in the report?

How much does the report COST and what does it contain?

The price of the report depends on the number of categories you want to display. The report is available for e-shops in PPC regime and is generated 1* per day overnight. We will prepare the report for your individually.

The report contains:

  • a list of the Top 100 products in the category that your competition offers on Heureka but is missing from your portfolio,
  • EAN product codes for pairing,
  • minimum and maximum product prices on Heureka for the given period,
  • number of product reviews on Heureka in the given period,
  • percentage evaluation of products on Heureka for the given period,
  • number of e-shops offering the product on Heureka for the given period.

What specific data does the report contain?

Download a specimen report

Category ID on

Name of category on

Tree of category on

Product ID on

Product name on

Product EAN

Minimum product price on

Maximum product price on

Number of product reviews on

Product percentage rating on

Number of shops offering the given product on

Information as to whether your e-shop offers the product

Product rank in the Missing product report

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