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The data review on searches on Heureka will help you identify keywords and phrases which Heureka visitors searched for before clicking to a specific category. The review contains information from the past 7 days and is entirely free of charge.

I am interested in the Searched phrase review

What will I learn from the Searched phrase review?

In the report, you will find information about the keywords visitors used before visiting a specific category, or e.g. which keywords to use when planning a campaign in Product Ads.

What data does the Searched phrase overview contain?

Download a specimen report

Identifier of your brand on Heureka.

Time period of reviewed data.

Keyword of phrase leading the customer to the category.

Identifier of the category to which the visitor continued after searching the keyword.

Path of the category to which the visitor continued after searching the keyword.

Searched keywords or phrases.

Weekly search frequency of keyword or phrase.

Indicator showing the number of searches and clicks to the shop during a visit with a search (the higher the index, the more clicks from the searched term).

How do I get the Searched phrases review?

Choose the ordering method

You can order the report in the Product Ads interface, via key account manager or contact us via e-mail at [email protected].

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Provide additional information

Before issuing the order, please specify:

  • from what date you require the data (data from 1 Jan. 2019 are available),
  • what frequency of data updates you require (monthly, weekly or daily),
  • which category you want to monitor based on the index.

You can start

After completing the order, we will activate the report and it will be available by the next day. The newly updated data will always be added to the end of the table, which will be available for download in Product Ads administration.

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