Rules for Editing Information about Products on Heureka

1. Introductory Provisions

1.1. This document (hereinafter the “Rules”) stipulates the authorization of the manufacturer or the distributor of products of a certain manufacturer or other person authorized to act for the manufacturer (hereinafter the “Manufacturer”) to edit information stated about products issued by Retailers on the or portal, the operator of which is Heureka Group a.s., Karolinská 706/3, 18600 Prague 8 – Karlín.

1.2. The interpretation of terms in accordance with Article 1.3 of the Terms and Conditions applies to these Rules, unless these Rules designate a different term and define its interpretation.

2. Manufacturer’s Rights and Duties

2.1. The Operator will enable Manufacturers to access the administrative interface, where it is possible to edit details about a Manufacturer’s Goods. Editing means setting images, videos, descriptions, parameters and documents for the relevant Goods.

2.2. The Manufacturer can obtain access to the administrative interface for the purpose of editing information about the Goods as soon as its authorized representative documents to the Operator its authorization to act for the Manufacturer. Such authorization can be, for example, an extract from the Commercial Register, a power of attorney, proving he holds a position the job description of which includes an authorization to act for the Manufacturer in matters concerning the setting out of information concerning the Goods. There is no charge for access to the administrative interface. A decision enabling access to the administrative interface is solely up to the Operator, who can deny access at any time. Access will be denied, in particular, if the authorized representative of the Manufacturer does not prove its authorization or breaches the Rules. A Manufacturer does not automatically become entitled to access to an administrative interface. A Manufacturer can edit the image gallery, videos, descriptions, the list of parameters and insert documents in .pdf format. Editing is performed either by new input of data or setting up data obtained from the Retailers’ xml files as permanent. In both cases a Manufacturer, after inputting or editing the relevant data, is liable for the correctness and truthfulness in relation to the Goods or a variant of it.

2.3. It is only possible to edit information about Goods that is clearly designated as set by the Manufacturer in the specifications of the Goods.

3. Conditions for Input Information

3.1. Input images must be free of all special offers, bonuses and advertising messages. An image can only display the product or the product including accessories that is valid for all offers in a comparison. Images cannot be larger than 2 MB.

3.2. Videos must contain only a review of the relevant product for which it is input. Videos that are input must be general, not disparaging the competition or comparing with the competition. It is only possible to input videos available on

3.3. The Operator is not liable for the contents of images, videos and information input by a Manufacturer. A Manufacturer is obligated to compensate the Operator for damage caused to the Operator as a consequence of unlawful content input by the Manufacturer on the Heureka portal.

3.4. A Manufacturer can edit a short description that is displayed in the section where the Goods are located and in the details of the Goods, the central description, as soon as this description starts to be displayed, and a long description, which is displayed in the Goods specifications tab. A description should be general and valid for all offers in the catalogue of Goods. A description cannot contain information about bonuses, special offers, accessories or advertising messages that are not valid for all offers in a comparison. If the current description is altered and saved, the Manufacturer is responsible for all information stated in the entire description.

3.5. A Manufacturer can complete or set values for the parameters of the Goods. A parameter must have a value corresponding to the relevant variant displayed in the product details.

3.6. A Manufacturer can input documents in .pdf format for a description of the Goods. Documents mean manuals or instructions for the Goods or an assembly sheet. When inputting, the Manufacturer is obligated to input the name, which will contain the name of the Goods and a designation of the type of document (e.g. Manual – Apple iPhone 5S 16GB). Documents can have a size of no more than 50 MB.

4. Final Provisions

4.1. The Operator can amend these Rules at any time. An amendment comes into effect on the date of the publication of the amended rules on the Heureka portal.

4.2. The Operator is not responsible for the correctness of information input by the Manufacturer for the relevant Goods.

4.3. These Rules come into effect on 30 June 2017.