Increase your sales with the Accessory function

13. 04. 2023

If you have Heureka Marketplace active, the Accessory function will allow you to offer relevant accessories right in the cart. And you get to choose which products you offer this way.


The useful Accessory function enables your e-shop to sell accessories for goods the customer has in their cart. You choose these accessories yourself, whether chargers, cases, or anything else relevant. Up to 10 tags containing ITEM_ID items can be assigned to every product. A maximum of 10 specific products are then displayed to the customer before they finalize their purchase.

Why use the Accessory function?

The easiest purchase is one where you don't have to think about everything. Thanks to Accessory, the customer can also buy products they had forgotten about. And you can increase your sales with little effort. The function also only displays accessories that can actually be purchased. This means they can always be added to the cart.


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