E-COMMERCE JAM 2022: Big Names, Great Talks

The E-COMMERCE JAM is organised by, part of the Heureka Group, every year. Last year’s edition, held in Zagreb, Croatia, contained not only meetings with professionals from the whole region, but also a number of talks from leading experts and major players in the world of e-commerce.

A couple of months have passed since November 2022, but the experience of the E-COMMERCE JAM persists. A whole number of important people from even more important brands met in Zagreb to attend the WEB RETAILER AWARDS, but also for another reason. What? To share their know-how.

A whole number of topics were discussed. From promotion over TikTok to building a personal brand and psychology to gender equality in technology fields. And because not everybody was able to make it to Croatia, we are bringing you recordings of all the speakers, representing brands such as Coca-Cola, Nike, Zalando and Google.

David Pivk (Nike): It's a great time to be a marketeer

David works in marketing, and has done for some time. Why, however, does he think that the current time is the best time to be a marketeer? Check out his talk.

Daniel Roginski (Zalando): Digital success. Supporting local brands in their cross border expansion

Daniel presented the Zalando brand and familiarised attendees with how it can help their companies. You will hear and see the details in the recording.


Igor Jakovljević (DPD): How to grow your e-retail business

DPD is about delivering, so it is no surprise that Igor’s talk dealt with this activity. Get ready for facts, data and valuable information about growth.

Liraz Margalit, PhD: Behavioral design to transform customer experience

Doctor Liraz Margalit is involved in the psychology of digital space, which is a fundamental topic in e-commerce. How can knowledge of these processes be reflected in the form of behavioral design? You will see in the talk.

Maja Bilić (Google): The Future of Conversion Measurement

Conversion measurement can sometimes be rocket science, but Maja Bilić from Google will guide you through new developments in the field so that you can understand everything.

Norman Nielsen (Omio): New tools to dramatically improve your efficiency and customer focus

Norman managed to take a selfie, but also discussed with the attendees the tools that could help companies overcome the crisis. What are they and what effect will this bring? You will learn this in the talk.

Sara Milošević (Nordeus): TikTok arrived. What now?

TikTok is making waves in social media but is also having an appreciable influence on e-commerce. What does this mean, what problems does it solve (and what problems does it bring), and how to make use of this channel in marketing? All you have to do is take a look at the talk.

Aljoša Jenko (Httpool), David Čreslovnik (Ceneje): Discussion

Aljoša is an expert on media and advertising, he currently heads Httpool. These are the current topics around the interview. Take a look at the recording.

Panel discussion: Meet different generations of customers

A panel discussion with Ana Matković (Coca-Cola), Ondřej Sláma, Boris Trupčević (Foreo) and Peter Watson-Wailes (Tough & Competent). Moderated by Jiří Struk from Heureka Group.


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