Become a trusted brand representative

Acquire the Authorised Seller certificate and make your products visible on Heureka. Users will have a better overview and product navigation and selection will be easier.

I want Authorised Seller certificate Why have the certificate?

What does the certificate do for me?


You will be visible among the competition

With an Authorised Seller certificate, your e-shop will be more visible among others in the search results.


You earn greater trust

Being labelled as a reliable and certified brand partner, your e-shop earns greater trust among customers.


Increase your e‑shop’s visitation

We have noticed a 5% increase in visitations for e-shops with Authorised Seller certification.

How do I get the certificate?

Send confirmation from the brand

The certificate can only be obtained with an official confirmation from the brand that you can become its authorised seller.

Contact us

Contact your representative or write to us and we will send you a price calculation.

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Alice Pospíchalová

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