Stay one step ahead of competing brands

Track the online shopping behavior of price comparison users from 9 countries in Central and Eastern Europe.

  • The Brand Performance Insights offer price monitoring, an overview of products with increased demand compared to the previous period and much more.
  • Data are collected based on click-throughs to the e‑shops.
  • Heureka Group shopping advisors are among the most important e-commerce players on the market.

I want Brand Performance Insights What will it do for me?

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What will I learn from the report?

  • The brand’s development potential on Heureka and what effect marketing activities have,
  • Which brands are in highest demand in the given category and their development,
  • Which price bands show the highest demand and what my market share in them is,
  • The seasonality of selected product categories.
  • Which products are most popular among people and which products are the fastest growing, or declining.

What will the Brand Performance Insights do for me?


Strengthen your competitiveness

Compare year-on-year brand performance and measure up your strength against your largest competitors. You can also find out which brands are the most in demand in the given category and how their market share has evolved.


You will be a step ahead of the others

Thanks to the reports, you will know the most popular categories and can examine their performance and seasonality.


You get perfect control over your products

With the report, you can track product popularity on the market and which price bands have the greatest demand for products from a specific brand.

Where do the data come from?

Heureka Group’s price comparison and shopping advice services cover 9 countries in Central and Eastern Europe. The Heureka Group platforms are among the TOP 3 most used e-commerce pages in all nine countries. This creates a significant data sample, which the Brand Performance Insights operates with. With its help, we can map the situation in a range of product categories while offering a variety of valuable insights.

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