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Have your product tested by proven reviewers - testers from and get unbiased and high-quality reviews for your products on Heureka.

  • is the largest Czech platform that brings together manufacturers, retailers and testers.
  • Unreliable testers are eliminated from testing.
  • Testers are chosen for testing based on a testing key, the conditions of which the tester must fulfil.

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What are the reviews like?

The reviews appear among other verified reviews on Heureka, but are additionally titled “Tested with”.

What will reviews from do for me?


You will receive high-quality feedback

The reviews must always have a minimum wordcount, and contain an overall summary, pros and cons.


Let the testers present your goods

Photographs or videos may appear for certain tested products.


Rely on relevance

Reviews which are vulgar, unethical or off-topic are not accepted.

How does work? will choose suitable micro-influencers

Testers are chosen according to strict criteria. They are chosen from among those interested in testing the product, so that they meet the target group criteria such as age, locality, gender, etc.

Testers receive the product to try out

They create reviews and content

After thorough testing, the testers start evaluating the product and in the first reviews with images or videos start appearing on the portal.

The reviews are transcribed to Heureka

If you have activated the service, you will see reviews labelled “Tested with” alongside your classic reviews.

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Alice Pospíchalová

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