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Join Heureka CSS -Comparison Shopping Services- program and among other benefits get a 20% discount on advertising in Google Shopping Ads.

Test all the benefits during a one-month-free trial period without having to conclude a long-term contract.

Try CSS program What will Heureka CSS do for me?

What will the Heureka CSS program do for me?


Cost savings up to 20%

By joining the Heureka CSS program, you can get up to 20% better results for your advertising in Shopping Ads campaigns using the same budget.


Keep everything under control

With the Heureka CSS program, you know in advance how much you pay. We do not limit the ad spend of your Shopping Ads campaigns. Even more, you do not have to worry about external access to your Google Ads account or Google Merchant Centre. It is all in your hands.


Take advantage of our experience

We have a team of specialists for online marketing performance, who will provide expert advice if needed both with Shopping Ads and with Google Merchant Centre.

How much will Heureka CSS cost me?

Up to 20% cost savings in your Shopping Ads campaignsanoano
VIP supportanox
Option of consulting our performance departmentanox
Newsletter with recommendations and tips to optimize campaignsanox
Additional source with GOOGLE_PRODUCT_CATEGORYanox
„From / Srovnání cen” labelanoano
Price per month10 000 Kč2 500 Kč

What will change for me by joining the Heureka CSS program?

The only visible change is a change in the label in the Shopping Ads advertising unit. By joining our CSS program, you will see the label in your Shopping Ads advertisement changed to “From the Heureka website”.

  • You will continue to manage your campaigns in the same way.
  • We are transparent - you will have absolute control over your data.
  • We will not create another Google Merchant Center or advertising under your name in Google Ads.

Frequently asked questions about Heureka CSS

How does Heureka CSS help e-shops?

  • After deploying the Heureka CSS demo, we really saw a decline in CPC and our display share also increased slightly. Compared to campaigns, the results in searches were even more positive. We extended the demo to several accounts and saw similar results. Another major advantage was the great support, option of improving feeds and transparent conditions.

    Markéta Kabátová

  • We recommend Heureka CSS to all our clients. It offers transparency and equal opportunities for advertisers of all sizes and fast launch. No tricks, no hidden loops. Great service for a great price. Thanks!

    agentura KOFEIN
    Robert Štípek

  • Heureka offers a great support. We encountered limits with our bigger clients with initial CPC bid and real PNO. With this program we managed to increase the volume by 10-15% while keeping the CPC and PNO. Heureka CSS program is a great choice for our bigger clients.

    Lynt services
    Jakub Kašparů

  • Impressions and clicks from our PLA campaigns increased by an average of 50% at a relatively lower cost of about 20%. Unfortunately, our campaigns have suffered a rapid decrease in traffic after joining the program, due to the switching of smart bidding strategies to a learning phase. Thanks to Heureka support and their effective and flexible help. They are there for us when we need them and that is why we strongly recommend Heureka CSS.
    Petra Nováková

  • Thanks to CSS Program from Heureka we managed to increase our Impression Share with the same efficiency as in the previous period. The transition was smooth and easy. We are happy with the result.

    Matěj Slavík

  • Switching to Heureka CSS Partner was easy. We managed the transition without outages and the support team reacted fast to our enquiries. We did not experience any problems during the testing period either. The client and I are happy.
    Karel Rujzl

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