A new visual identity for Heureka

15. 10. 2023

    Times are changing, and so are we. Heureka is therefore getting a new visual identity and a new language of communication with its customers. The new visual style and adverts were presented to customers on 16 October.

    A revamped visual style and an exclamation mark!

    The mention of change in the introduction is no accident. We have changed the way people in the Czech Republic search for goods online, so change is an integral part of our DNA. That’s why it is now time to move on and shout out the name Heureka from the top of our lungs. To do so we will use an exclamation mark, which will now become the main symbol not only of Heureka, but of the whole Heureka Group. The exclamation mark is now even bigger, even bolder and even more colourful. It represents the excitement, discovery and joy of a wonderfully chosen product.

    Operating different brands on so many markets, each with its own unique method of communication and identity, has proven to be unsustainable over the long term, especially if we want to operate on an international scale. We increasingly felt the need to unify and revitalise the brand and our overall style,” says Group Brand Manager Jiří Struk, talking about the new visual style.

    Make an wonderful choice and check out the new adverts

    But it’s not just about the visuals. We have also changed the claim, which now highlights the main thing which Heureka offers customers. An end to the purchase and choice paralysis caused by the endless number of options in modern society. This means that from now on, our claim will use not only the name Heureka, but also the words “Make a wonderful choice!”.

    Jiří Struk adds: “The new TV adverts in particular address choice paralysis as a barrier for users. The solution is Heureka with its new credo “Make a wonderful choice.” The adverts will also be supported by a strong digital campaign over the coming months.”

    The new communication also includes new adverts which you will be coming across online and on TV from 15 October onwards. These also reflect a Heureka for the 21st century and can be viewed on our YouTube channel.

    New logo to download

    The new visual style also includes a revamped logo which you can download via the link below. So if you use our logo anywhere, please replace it with the new one.

    Download new logo

    Increase your sales with the Accessory function

    18. 04. 2023

    If you have Heureka Marketplace active, the Accessory function will allow you to offer relevant accessories right in the cart. And you get to choose which products you offer this way.

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