Simplify shipping with Balíkobot

Connect your carrier directly to your e-shop or corporate system, and manage orders and shipping from one place. Automate the sending of parcel, pallet and letter data. With Balíkobot you get full control over your shipments, reduce data errors and save both time and money

I want to ship efficientlyWhat benefits can Balíkobot bring me?

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How Balíkobot technology works

Automation takes care of many time-consuming administrative tasks for you, saving you a lot of clicking and logging on to carriers' systems.

Balíkobot connects the carriers' systems directly to your administration and allows you to manage orders and shipping from one place. API connectivity ensures continuous real-time communication between systems.

Prepare labels faster and more easily, and print them in bulk with a single click.

Data validation processes compare customer shipping data with carrier databases and immediately alert you to any errors in addresses. Track shipments in your system and in real time.

Here are some inspirational stories from clients we are helping improve their shippingi.


Shipping accelerated by 2 hours per day


Shipping accelerated by 20% and savings of CZK 200,000 per year


Shipping accelerated by 56%


Savings of CZK 750,000 per year

What are e-shops saying about Balíkobot?

"It is clear that the service works and saves a huge amount of time. However, for me the greatest benefit is that whenever there was an error on the carrier’s side, Balíkobot immediately and pro-actively resolved it. This means we can be confident that we are never alone and that the whole process will work as it should,” says Ing. Nick Ollender, - Dual Sport Pro s.r.o.

What benefits can Balíkobot bring me?

  • Save time and money

    Automated data transfer from a single system saves smaller e-shops up to three days of administrative work per month. For medium and larger e-shops, this can mean freeing up significant human capacity. Data are automatically validated before they are transferred, reducing the risk of returns. In addition, simple operation ensures better substitutability.

  • Simplify label printing

    Print labels for all your carriers directly from the system, without having to log on to multiple apps. You thus avoid the need to export and overwrite contacts, significantly reducing error rates and thus also costs related to returns. Balíkobot does not change the contractual terms and conditions between you and your carrier.

  • Monitor shipment movements

    To successfully deliver your shipments, you need to keep track of their movements. By monitoring shipments directly in the system, you can improve customer support and your e-shop’s overall rating.

Heureka supports your marketing!

Balíkobot is part of Heureka Group, and you can see the logistics process improvements directly in your e-shop profile on Heureka. A satisfied customer is much more likely to leave a positive review or directly mention their experience of problem-free and fast shipping. You thus increase the chances of repeat purchases and higher sales at your e-shop.

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What do you get with Balíkobot?

How to start using Balíkobot?

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Why join us?

We offer a stable connection to carriers and free technical support at your disposal.

If necessary, you can immediately connect another Czech or foreign carrier with whom you have a contractual relationship.

You don't use any other app - Balíkobot is available as an extension for many systems such as Shoptet, Upgates, Eshop-rychle and more.

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Who can I contact?

Our technical support and business care team are available every business day from 8:00 to 18:00.

We can also automatically inform you about the current availability of all services - you just need to register.

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