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Use another effective tool to be visible on Heureka. Promote your products and brands with Banner Ads.

  • Format of advertising which appears on banner advertising surfaces on the Heureka.cz website.
  • By clicking on this content, the user directly accesses the page to which the banner is linked (e.g., product category or product detail).
  • Thanks to banner advertising, customers will notice your goods as soon as they start browsing Heureka.cz, or it might help change their mind just before purchasing.

I want Banner Ads Why use Banner Ads?

You can use several types of Banner Ads on Heureka. How you want to promote your product just depends on you.

What will Banner Ads do for me?


Reach relevant customers

You can choose who to target with the Banner Ads based on your advertising objectives. Quality targeting is essential in the case of banner advertisement.


Reach a broad audience

According to data from Netmonitor (official metering of the Czech), Heureka.cz is visited by over 5 million real users in one month.


Build awareness of your brand or product

You will be constantly visible to customers. Banner advertising produces excellent results in brand building.

What types of banners can I choose?

Appears in the header everywhere except on the homepage and product detail.

Double Leaderboard
It appears in the product detail under the list of e‑shops.

Appears under the filter list in the category and is a sticky banner (the banner scrolls with the user and is therefor constantly visible).

Half page ad
Appears under the filter list in the category and is a sticky banner (the banner scrolls with the user and is therefor constantly visible), which is much more visible than the aforementioned Skyscraper.

Appears in the bottom section of the page.

HP Showcase
Main banner on the homepage.

Sticky square
Appears in the bottom right-hand corner of the page and scrolls with the page.

Category square
Appears only on mobile and tablet devices in the category among products.

I want a Banner ad

What forms of purchasing Banner Ads exist?

Direct sale

You can buy Banner Ads through the Account Manager of the Sales Department or via e-mail [email protected].

Programmatic sale

You can buy Banner Ads in an open auction, and thus agree on a PMP / Private deal.

Take your self promotion up another level through programmatic media purchasing

You decide who you want to reach, when and how. Thanks to programmatic advertising (also known as “RTB advertising”), you have the opportunity to manage all the phases of communication with the customer yourself within See-Think-Do-Care on Heureka.

Just join the programmatic auction for the banner space and start offering relevant amounts in the auction for your ad to appear on Heureka. Everything functions in real time, and thanks to precise segmentation and follow-up targeting options, you can achieve very good results.

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