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With us, you do not only get access to tools that help you reach thousands of customers daily, but also high-quality feedback. Positive reviews collected on Heureka strengthen your domestic as well as international market position. With Heureka Group, you can expand to up to 8 other countries.

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Verified by Customers Certificate

The lowest price is no longer the most important criterion when buying goods online. The seller’s reputation is becoming more and more important for the customer. That is why the Verified by Customers service was created in which we only address customers who have actually purchased in your e-shop with the satisfaction questionnaire.

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Authorised Seller

E‑shops can obtain permission from a specific brand to use the Authorised Seller certificate on Heureka, which improves the given vendor’s credibility. The e‑shop must also have an active Verified by Customers certificate.

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Section Partner

Do you want to be an expert advisor and help people choose the right product? If you have an e‑shop with a wide range of brands and different types of goods, and also the capacity to answer questions in a timely manner, then we offer you the opportunity to present yourself at Heureka as a professional advisor for a specific type of goods.

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Multiply your orders and e-shop performance


Heureka Marketplace

Add your e-shop to Heureka Marketplace and give users the chance to shop for selected goods from your e-shop directly on Heureka. This eliminates the in-between step of redirecting and increases customer retention.

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Heureka Bidding

If you have obtained a Verified by Customers certificate, you can join the click-through price auction Heureka Bidding and rank among the first four recommended e-shops with it. Bidding in Heureka Bidding is one of the ways to reach the most visible top positions on Heureka.

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Paid PPC Mode

Add your e-shop to PPC mode and pair your products to the relevant categories in the Heureka catalogue. This helps you reach hundreds to thousands of people on a daily basis.

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Heureka CSS Program

Join Heureka Comparison Shopping Services (CSS) program and among other benefits get a 20% discount on advertising in Google Shopping Ads. Test all the benefits during a one-month trial period without the need to sign a long-term contract.

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Banner Ads

Use another effective tool to be visible on Heureka. Promote your e-shop with Banner Ads.

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Keep track of performance


Data Reviews

For the optimal e-shop management is it important to know which product categories are the hottest on the market and which are not. It is also beneficial to know which products and categories are popular or in which price range the best-selling products are found.

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Conversion Measurement

With conversion measurement, you will see how many users from Heureka completed their purchase in your e-shop and with that gain perfect control over your return on investment (ROI). You can track conversion down to the specifics of categories and products. Every registered e-shop with Heureka can use the service.

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choose your qualified partner

All our partners are true Heureka experts. Get the best from using Heureka Group services and choose your partner from the list of Certified Heureka Partners to guide you through the best practices.

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More than 600.000 online shoppers come to Heureka for advice on a daily basis. We show the shoppers an overview of all products offered for all categories, excellent filtering possibilities, price comparisons, e‑shop, and products reviews, as well as ratings and testimonials from other shoppers.

You can register your e‑shop with Heureka either in Free mode or PPC mode. The paid PPC mode is the basic means of promoting the e‑shop on Heureka.

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Sell in other European countries

Based on our data and experience, we can choose the right country for you to expand your e‑shop.

Expand abroad with Heureka Group

countries with potential customers
million monthly users
thousand e-shops in our network


  • Population 10 600 000
  • Number of e-shops 43 500
  • Online shoppers 6 250 000
  • Y-o-y growth of e-commerce 17 %
  • Share of online purchases in retail 11,4 %


  • Population 5 400 000
  • Number of e-shops 11 500
  • Online shoppers 3 180 000
  • Y-o-y growth of e-commerce 23 %
  • Share of online purchases in retail 6,5 %'


  • Population 9 600 000
  • Number of e-shops 12 800
  • Online shoppers 3 930 000
  • Y-o-y growth of e-commerce 20 %
  • Share of online purchases in retail 6,2 %


  • Population 2 100 000
  • Number of e-shops 3 000
  • Online shoppers 1 070 000
  • Y-o-y growth of e-commerce 17 %
  • Share of online purchases in retail 6 %


  • Population 4 200 000
  • Number of e-shops 3 000
  • Online shoppers 1 470 000
  • Y-o-y growth of e-commerce 16 %
  • Share of online purchases in retail 5,1 %

Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Population 3 500 000
  • Number of e-shops 3 000
  • Online shoppers 1 000 000
  • Y-o-y growth of e-commerce 15 %
  • Share of online purchases in retail 1 %


  • Population 7 000 000
  • Number of e-shops 5 500
  • Y-o-y growth of e-commerce 20 %
  • Share of online purchases in retail 2 %


  • Population 19 300 000
  • Number of e-shops 15 000
  • Online shoppers 3 860 000
  • Y-o-y growth of e-commerce 30 %
  • Share of online purchases in retail 4 %


  • Population 6 990 000
  • Number of e-shops 4 500
  • Online shoppers 1 467 000
  • Y-o-y growth of e-commerce 21 %
  • Share of online purchases in retail 1,3 %

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