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Do you want to effectively invest money in product promotion, bring relevant customers and keep track of your costs? Beed, Conviu or Magic Script! – these are the tools that will help you with that. Try them and do not waste any time manually bidding on Heureka.


Beed is an automatic tool that manages the positions of your products. You can bid on a position or, depending on the competition, you can set a maximum cost-per-click (PCP) and other rules. Beed obtains information about the costs of each product directly from the administration. For maximum accuracy, Beed calculates product performance measured by Google Analytics. Using the set rules, Beed finally calculates the CPC for each product and adds it to the XML feed.

What do you need before registering:

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  • Bidding settings according to historical results and current product properties
  • Predicts price conversion against other items
  • The strategy can be set for any category, manufacturer or specific item
  • Prices Control and consideration in bidding
  • Setting of maximum cost-per-click
  • Bidding for a specific position
  • Automatically shuts down failed items
  • Regular efficiency reports and ongoing detailed statistics in the tool
  • Price according to the number of actually bid on products
  • Free automatic bidding training with Beedom
  • Recalculation up to 12 times daily


Conviu is a tool for every strategy of smart bidding, i.e., setting cost-per-click (CPC) prices in product comparison that you can think of. And you can apply different approaches to each part of the assortment of your e-shop. You can set bidding according to the desired position, price difference compared to the competition, percentage of turnover (PNO), margin, stock availability, products in action, category/brand/manufacturer, top seller, day of the week, specific hour and actually according to any attribute found in the data.
It can be set manually for any system or automatically for Heureka CZ / SK and Zboží CZ. Thanks to the connection to the Heureka API, the automatic optimization of CPC for individual products can take place up to 12 times daily, 7 days a week. You can also time the export generation to minutes.
One tool for everything - XML editing, the connection of data from suppliers, bidding settings, daily price monitoring for the entire range for your chosen competition, top products, pricing for the e-shop.
Conviu is a powerful tool ... and not everyone dares working with it alone. Therefore, is Heureka offering a helping hand, training or external administration.

What do you need before registering:

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  • Free audit of an XML feed and other settings in the administration
  • One tool for everything -XML (data) editing, bidding settings, price monitoring, top products, pricing
  • Any format can be supplied. It has wide usage and can create any export format. It is also possible to process data from suppliers
  • The tool is open to individual solutions
  • Update timer settings for both data import and export
  • Ability to set countless rules and conditions for editing the XML feed. Including data connections from multiple sources
  • Previews of applied adjustments/changes. E.g., for pairing, gift setting, free shipping, etc. -no modifications required by the e-shop or any other tool
  • Possibility to pair items
  • Ability to help with editing the XML feed
  • Bidding for the selected product group using the evaluated algorithm - can be defined using rules and conditions
  • Possibility to set different bidding strategies e.g., according to stock availability, focus on Top seller, setting by category/manufacturer/brand up to individual products, for set PNO, targeted to a certain position, automatic elimination of non-profitable products, determination of min and max CPC
  • Click price optimization can be set for individual days and hours
  • Clear statistics on a daily basis
  • Price monitoring for the selected competition, serves as a basis for pricing, it is possible to connect to an internal ERP system
  • Pricing and revaluation possibility of products on the e-shop
  • Extensive module for setting various alerts- credit, missing data, etc.
  • Regular reporting according to agreed KPIs
  • Audit of XML feed and other settings in administration
  • Individual consultations
  • Conviu service option - XML ​​feed editing, pairing, bidding settings, etc.

Magic Script!

Magic Script! Intelligent bidding algorithm with human control optimizes PPC performance on Heureka CZ / SK, Google AdWords, Google Shopping, Zboží. Magic can with ease control the performance of PPC campaigns for the e-shop in 15 countries on PNO, turnover, budget margin at once, with the possibility of using your own attribution model Magic Attribution. MagicScript! The algorithm combines computer speed with human feelings, as it automates statistics for calculating returns per click, but also offers daily control by bidding specialists.

What do you need before registering:

CONTACT: [email protected], +421 915 941 044 


  • Recalculation of the click price 24 times a day, 7 days a week
  • Offers precise bidding on the margin of each product
  • 30-day risk-free trial period
  • Saves credit where needed and profits where there is space to earn more
  • Calculates the price per click in real time based on the profit or margin of each product
  • Manages campaigns based on accurate statistics using mechanical learning
  • Possibility to manage bidding on PNO, margin, monthly budget at once
  • Sets bidding for each keyword or product
  • Differentiated bidding strategy for categories, brands, specific items
  • Automatic shutdown of failed items (optional)
  • Includes a mechanism for testing new products without history
  • Optimizes click prices by day of week, day of day, and month
  • Addresses sales seasonality (Christmas, sales, promotions)
  • Regular efficiency reporting and ongoing statistics
  • Price includes work associated with the management and control of results
  • Daily email / phone support
  • Motto: spending your advertising effectively is the only way to grow!

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