Find a partner that will guide you through the effective use of Heureka

Certified partners have passed an expertise test on Heureka, so they really know all about it. Find one that will help you and your e‑shop get involved in Heureka and make effective use of it to improve your e‑shop’s performance.

Find a certified partner I want to help with the search

What will cooperation with partners do for me?


You will be in the hands of real experts

Based on the certificate, you will recognize whether the given partner truly knows Heureka inside out.


Get information directly from the source

Certified partners include not only agencies and shop systems, but also partners offering, for example, bidding tools and other services.


Facilitate your use of Heureka

Take a look at the list of certified partners who are ready to help you at any time.

What can certified partners help me with?

Whether you want advice about Heureka in general, or have more specific questions, our partners will be happy to advise in the following area:

  • How to use Heureka,
  • Registering on Heureka,
  • Creating an XML feed,
  • PPC,
  • Product pairing,
  • Verified by Customers (obtaining reviews),
  • Availability feed,
  • API connection to the Marketplace,
  • Bidding,
  • Analytics (Conversion metering, Assortment report, paid reports and special datasets),
  • Product Ads (advertising on Heureka),

How do I get a partner and how much will it cost me?

Choose a partner from the list of partners

In the list of partners, you can choose whether you are interested in a personal meeting, which language you want to communicate in with the partner and the area you need help with.

Each partner sets their own price.

For a precise calculation, please contact your partner, whose contact details are in the list of partners below.

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list of heureka partners

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Veronika Sedláková

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