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Heureka has awarded the best Czech e‑shops for the thirteenth time, with a new Sustainable e‑shop category

08. 04. 2022 | Adéla Berková

The shopping guide has given out awards to the best and most popular e‑shops on the Czech Internet for the thirteenth time. This year, a brand new category titled Sustainable e‑shop was added to the competition. The first ever winners are Biopekárna Zemanka, Econea and Nákup na Dobro. The absolute winner of the Quality Award was the Knihobot second-hand book e‑shop, while the Popularity Award went to the Lidl e‑shop. The jury awarded the Heureka Prize to the Econea e‑shop. An overview of all the winners in each category is available on the ShopoftheYear competition website.  

“Czech e‑shops are among Europe’s leaders in terms of service quality, because Czech customers are very demanding. The aim of the competition is to recognise and thank these e‑shops,” says Tomáš Braverman, CEO of the Heureka Group, adding: “At the same time, we want to identify the winners for our customers, so they can easily and conveniently choose from high-quality, reliable, inspiring and sustainable e‑shops.

The brand new Sustainable e‑shop category has produced its first winners

The 13th edition of the competition featured a new category titled Sustainable e‑shop. This award follows up on the eponymous Sustainable e‑shop project, which Heureka launched last November in cooperation with Komerční banka, Visa and the Association of Social Responsibility. The winners, chosen from among e‑shops with the Sustainable e‑shop certificate, were selected by a jury of Czech sustainability experts. “For us, sustainability means the comprehensive sum of all the activities of an e‑shop. In addition to a conscientious approach based on sustainable operations, it also includes ethical behaviour towards employees, customers, and suppliers and, of course, environmental friendliness,” stated Tomáš Braverman, CEO of Heureka Group, explaining the principles of the award. The first ever Sustainable e‑shops are Biopekárna Zemanka, which has been operating on the organic products market since 2006, the Econea e‑shop and the Nakup na Dobro shop.

Top 3 Sustainable e‑shops

Biopekárna Zemanka


Nakup na dobro

The Heureka Award goes to Econea, followed by Kidtown and Ošetřeno

The winner among the finalists in this year’s Heureka Awards selected by the expert jury is Econea, an e‑shop selling environmentally friendly and organic cosmetics and drug store products, and a traditional name in the field of sustainability. Second place went to the Kidtown e‑shop which offers toys for child development. Third place was awarded to the Ošetř e‑shop. The latter focuses exclusively on natural plant protection and nutrition products that are suitable for organic farming. The Heureka Award has long been recognising e‑shops with an interesting background story, overlap, a novel idea or any original venture.

Winners of the Heureka Award






The award for the best quality e‑shop goes to Knihobot

The absolute winner of the Quality Award goes to the Knihobot e‑shop, which sells second-hand books and also buys out books. The Quality Award is based on experience, reviews and customer ratings over the past year. “Last year, customers gave over 6.5 million reviews and ratings, based on which the winners of the Quality Award were announced,” adds Tomáš Braverman. This year’s winners include Reiker‑, Notino, 4camping, and many others. An overview of all the winners is available on the competition website.

Lidl e‑shop wins the Internet Users Award for the second time in a row

The overall winner of the Popularity Award is decided by the votes of internet users, who can cast their votes for up to three favourite e‑shops from the beginning of December until the end of February. The absolute winner in this category is the Lidl e‑shop. “Over 150,000 votes were cast in the Popularity Award this year,” says Tomáš Braverman. Other winners in the main categories of the Popularity Award included Cityzenwear, Manboxeo and Ružový slon.

Absolute winner of the Quality Award

Absolute winner of the Popularity Award


The competition is also held in Slovakia. The Quality Award went to, while the Popularity Award was defended by Lidl, as in the Czech Republic. The Heureka Award, as decided by the expert jury, goes to the Abrakastore e‑shop. The complete list of winning e‑shops in Slovakia is available on the competition website.


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