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How much do Slovenians put on the quality of products for their four-legged friends?

20. 05. 2021 | Adéla Berková

Spring presents pet owners with a season of purchasing pet care and health accessories. The warm months are inviting more frequent walks, which increases the likelihood of problems with internal or external parasites and the need to take care of regular cleaning and hair care, as well as choosing the right food in a varied and comprehensive range of food for all types of pets. 

An increase in demand for such products on is observed from February to July. So now is the last time for online retailers to draw attention to themselves and their products with timely exposure options for their products, which we offer you on the largest platform for comparative shopping in the region and to increase advertising activity. 


Our data shows that the demand for dog care and cosmetics on the Slovenian market starts to grow in March and reaches its peak in April. The volume of demand gradually decreases until July and remains at a constant level throughout the other months. The data for Croatia shows a very similar picture. The volume of demand for them also starts to increase in March, peaks in April, and demand stabilizes at the average annual level a month earlier, in June.

Dog care and cosmetics (2019 vs 2020)

The movement of demand is influenced by the fact that this is the time when people start to spend their free time outside and we also include our four-legged friends in these activities. This is the period when people more often decide to change transporters and other devices for transporting dogs. Due to more movement in nature, higher temperatures and thus the presence of pests such as fleas, the demand for specialized shampoos and other repellents is also increasing.

Cat care and cosmetics (2019 vs 2020)

Similar to the category of care and cosmetics for dogs, the seasonal influence can also be seen here, as well as the period of holidays, trips and other routes. The demand curve for cat care and cosmetics in Slovenia reaches its peak in April. Growth is already visible in March, while the volume of demand in May is below the March volume, but still above the average annual volume of demand in this category. The demand for cat care and cosmetics on the Croatian market is also within the same monthly variances.


In the last four weeks, the demand for Royal Canin dog food in Slovenia is the highest, followed by Brit, Orijen and Acana. Acana is the most sought-after dog food brand in Croatia, followed by Royal Canin and Eukanuba.

Given that in Slovenia the greatest demand is for adapted types of food (Royal Canin), veterinary brands (Brit) and natural high quality food (Orijen), it makes sense to conclude that quality is a big factor in the decision to buy. So more and more owners want to buy only the best for their pets.

Also the best-selling brand of cat food in the last four weeks in Slovenia is Royal Canin, followed by Felix, N&D, Happy Cat and Animonda. The same order is in Croatia.

Again, we can see a trend towards natural, tailored, specialized cat food, as the aforementioned custom tailored diet (Royal Canin) is followed by the Felix brand, whose key strengths are taste and price. Other brands are differentiated as food for carnivores without grains (N&D), food from the best local ingredients (Happy Cat) and type-appropriate, natural food (Animonda).

Customers are willing to set aside larger amounts of budget for their pets

The average purchase price in the first months of 2021 was € 184.90. Given that last year's demand peaked in April, we can conclude that this year's average purchase price will be even higher, as demand growth over the years (in 2019 the average purchase price was € 88.40, and in 2020 already € 252, 60 €), only potentiates.

The average purchase price in 2019 was € 88.40.

The average purchase price in 2020 is as much as € 252.60.

In just the first two months of 2021, it is already € 184.90, but the main wave of demand is yet to come.

In the product group of products intended for the care and health of pets on, consumers can research among products in the field of aquaristics, care of rodents, cats, dogs, birds, terrariums and pond equipment. Take the opportunity and join the popular brands in the Pets category, but hurry up as time is running out. Expose your products in a timely manner, the peak of demand is close.

Spring and summer around the corner are definitely more active parts of the year. Owners of four-legged friends, however, are considered particularly active. More and more people experience dogs as family members and want to spend their free time and holidays with them. This is also confirmed by the keywords used by our visitors. As people also go on longer trips, vacations and holidays on warm days, we also checked what our visitors have been looking for in recent weeks among the products for transporting puppies.

The most sought after product was the dog transporter, followed by the dog car seat, and in fifth place was the universal protective cover for the trunk of vehicles. The list of top 10 wanted products also includes a transport cage and a bicycle trailer for dogs.

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