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The items Slovenians bought online in 2021 the most were mobile phones and tires

Ceneje - The year 2021 was once again amazing for all fields of online shopping. The interest of consumers to buy online has increased, and this form of shopping has mostly replaced traditional shopping and enabled a new online reality with which we will live from now on. What can we deduce from reviewing the year and the purchasing habits of users of the comparison shopping platform 

The online presence of buyers is increasing

Buying behaviour has moved online for a large group of consumers this year as well since, according to SURS, in the first quarter of 2021 as many as 59% of 16 to 74-year-olds shopped online, which caused a normalisation of online purchases. But what made buyers stay online and what can we expect in the coming years? According to the magazine eMarketer, avoiding crowds during shopping represented the largest concern for as many as 32% of British buyers. It seems that consumers turn to online shops not only because of need and comfort, but also because of, or in addition to, a guarantee of a safe environment in light of the epidemic.

Buyers are online, but what did they actually want to buy in 2021?

Comfortable shopping online, therefore, increasingly replaces traditional ways of shopping in physical shops. In accordance with the needs of consumers, new digital solutions are being developed, one of which also being – advisor for purchases, which saves time while shopping since it enables a rich and, at the same time, specific selection of gifts.

According to the data of, the momentum of online purchases remained considerable in 2021, made possible by pandemic conditions in 2020. The demand for all categories of items in the first months of spring even exceeded demand in 2020, and then, with certain restrictions being lifted, the increase in demand started to abate.

In 2021, there were no major peculiarities in the demand for items in certain categories. All were on average somewhat less visited than in the previous record year, but there are still noticeable specific purchasing behaviours that developed.

Tyres ‒ the winner of buyers in 2021

Despite the slowing demand of buyers for products in online shops, there is a noticeable increase in consumer demand for snow, summer and all-season tires. This can be attributed to the somewhat changed habits of buyers since they want to ease the purchases of larger products by home delivery. Purchases of tires also depend on the season, and online shopping in certain periods enables a good and simple overview between the offers of retailers.

Amadej Grošelj, the product leader for the development of analytical tools at, commented on the situation on the market as follows: „Given this year’s date, the e-commerce market is stabilising and is becoming progressively more mature. The main opportunities for online retailers are in niche categories that are not capable of the pedigree of online purchases. Retailers will have to actively participate in the market and, therefore, ensure high-quality services, also due to strong competition. Quality customer support, a responsive website, trust marks, the use of quality data, a presence in marketplaces and comparison websites ... All this is becoming a necessity for online retailers that want to succeed.“

The gradual opening of physical shops has truly changed the movement of demand for certain products to a certain degree, but online buyers in 2021 were still often looking for electric scooters (we noted a 15-percent increase), robotic vacuum cleaners and electric bikes (the demand for which has jumped by as much as 95% in comparison to the same period in 2020).

TOP categories of online purchases in 2021

The study Shopper’s Mind 2021 that was conducted by with its partners Valicon and iPROM showed the continuation of online shopping trends and noted an increased intensity and frequency of online purchases. The average value of a purchase is almost 100 euros and at the moment, buyers prefer to shop in the commodity segment for electronics, fashion, and home and garden products.

The demand that we noticed with the data analysis also shows the traditional winner among favourites, i.e. the category of mobile phones, after which are products like smart watches and meters, laptops and LCD/LED televisions. The TOP 10 categories of products also include tyres and home and garden products (lawnmowers and refrigerators with freezers) and also clothes – women’s jackets and coats, the demand for which has increased by as much as 53% compared the same period in 2019.

The demand for products in the TOP 10 categories remains evenly high over the entire year for those that are not seasonal, and at the same time, there is a noticeable increase in e.g., snow, summer and all-season tyres in spring and autumn and for refrigerators, for which there is an increased demand in the first months of summer.

Which products were the most sought after by Slovenian online shoppers in 2021?

The most demanded and sought-after product is the SONY PlayStation 5 DIGITAL gaming console.

Among the TOP 10, there are also a slightly different model of the SONY gaming console PlayStation 5, APPLE AirPods 2 headphones, and the APPLE AirPods Pro + wireless case kit.
There was also high demand for the XIAOMI PRO 2 electric scooter, the smart HUAWEI Watch GT 2 Pro and the XIAOMI Himo C26 electric bike. Among the first 10 choices were, due to the (still) increased work from home and remote schooling, also the DIGICAM externa wireless camera and the HP F6V25AE (no. 652) ink cartridge.

How much did Slovenians spend for online purchases in 2021?

The study Shopper’s Mind 2021 showed that Slovenians on average spent almost 100 euros per online shopping cart, which is 5% more than in the record coronavirus year of 2020. On the online shopping platform, the average demand of an online shopper that includes the search for an appropriate product and comparative offer was 376 euros, which is 71 euros more than the year before.