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Slovenian online shoppers end 2022 with chainsaws and games consoles in mind - The very beginning of the new year is traditionally dedicated to reflecting and reviewing last year and concluding on the findings of consumers' expressed buying interest in online shopping. Let's look at the data from, part of the Heureka Group, where we had again some interesting 'winners' and 'losers' that have not featured strongly in previous years.


An interesting fact we noticed on our online comparison shopping platform is that last year Slovenians searched online most often for products in the category chainsaws, where demand grew by 30% compared to the previous year. Rising inflation, significant energy price increases and an uncertain future for stability in Europe seem to have encouraged Slovenian consumers to consider and also purchase saws used to prepare alternative fuel - firewood.

The second most popular category for online shoppers in 2022 was headphones. This was certainly due to the well-known fact that consumers could use 2022 digital vouchers to purchase such products, and Apple wireless headphones were also the most frequently purchased product with these vouchers. The popularity of searches was then followed in 2022 by electric bicycles, again indicating a trend towards greater awareness of the use of propellants and an increase in consumer interest in choosing alternative modes of transport, while also pursuing a sporting activity adapted to the use of the general population. This year winter tyres have been more in demand than last year, reflecting 'stock' purchases of currently more affordable products, all in the light of expected price rises. Air conditioners were also among the most popular product categories for accelerated demand from online shoppers in 2022.


This year, the most frequently searched for product online by Slovenian consumers was the Sony Playstation 5 games console, followed by the products from the above-mentioned TOP searched for product segment or category - the STIHL chainsaw MS 170 and the BRENCHIE cordless handsaw.

In 2022, the most popular products were the DIGICAM outdoor wireless camera, Apple AirPods with rechargeable case (2nd generation), Xbox Series X 1TB, SONY Playstation 5 Digital Edition and APPLE AirPods Pro 2021 (MLWK3ZM/A). Summer sports enthusiasts were even more likely to look for SUP paddleboards this year than last year, while those who were a little more cautious and probably worried about the upcoming financial downturn were looking for DUGA PELLET wood pellets (ENPLUSA2).

Which products delighted online shoppers in 2022 and which did they 'give up' on this year?

From the 40 most popular product categories, we at have extracted the TOP in-demand products or 'winners'. This year it was aggregates, which outperformed last year's demand by 141%, perfumes, which consumers searched for 115% more often than the year before, and heating accessories, with a 109% increase. Other top online searches were for stoves (92%), chainsaws (30%), headphones, electric bicycles, wardrobes, upright vacuum cleaners, winter tyres and air conditioners.

Demand for swimming pools was lower than in 2021, which can be attributed to the fact that consumers were still buying products for entertainment and relaxation in the shelter of their home garden in the Coronian times and therefore the need to buy new products of this type had not yet arisen. Interest in laptops, lawnmowers, LCD/LED TVs, which has been extremely high in recent years, has also fallen slightly, and purchase interest in mobile phones and smart watches and meters is on average slightly lower than in the previous year. Similarly, online shoppers' demand for summer tyres and cookers is down on the previous year.