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Shifting sands of consumerism: Adriatic region embraces tech, green transport, and home comforts in 2023

Ljubljana, January 5th, 2023 - A recent overview of online shopping trends in the Adriatic region, focusing on platforms such as,, and (all part of Heureka Group), reveals notable shifts in consumer preferences in 2023. This trend indicates a dynamic change in consumer behavior, highlighting the impact of technological advancements and evolving lifestyle priorities.

In Slovenia and Croatia, smartphone demand was at the forefront

A comparative overview of online shopping behaviors in Slovenia, Croatia, and Serbia highlights consistent consumer patterns across these nations. In both Croatia and Slovenia, smartphones were the most sought-after category among online shoppers in 2023. Slovenia witnessed a remarkable 40% surge in mobile phone demand, maintaining its leading position in consumer interest. The winter tire category also saw a significant 17% increase compared to 2022.

Other notable trends include a substantial rise in scooter demand in Croatia, skyrocketing by 685%. This suggests a growing consumer inclination towards eco-friendly transportation alternatives. In Serbia, the focus shifted to home comforts, with furniture, clothing, and footwear gaining traction. Notably, two-seaters, three-seaters, and both women's and men's sneakers experienced the highest demand spikes. Contrarily, air conditioners, last year's top category, saw a 38% decline in interest.

Smartphones remain central to daily life, with brands like Samsung and Apple fiercely competing for market share. The Samsung Galaxy A53 5G emerged as Slovenia's most desired product, while Croatia favored the Samsung Galaxy A54.

In Serbia, the most popular item was the INTEX inflatable corner sofa.

Interestingly, categories such as smartwatches, combined refrigerator-freezers, and LCD TVs experienced a slight downturn in demand, possibly reflecting market saturation and shifting consumer interests.
Overall, the 2023 consumer trends in the Adriatics showcase a strong appreciation for innovative mobile technology, eco-conscious transportation options, and an emphasis on quality living.