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Serbia: Online demand overview in 2022: the most wanted were air conditioners - As usual we prepared  the analysis of the demand of domestic online consumers and a review of the key trends last year. We checked the data of the portal, part of the Heureka group, from which we extracted interesting and (un)expected facts that marked domestic e-commerce in 2022.

By analyzing the most popular categories of the year on, we notice that the biggest surprise and the single most popular category in 2022 are air conditioners, with a growth of as much as 128% compared to 2021. Washing machines (106%) took second place on the list of the most sought-after categories of the year, followed by combined refrigerators and two-seater/three-seaters (103%), as well as winter tires (71%).

A comparative review of demand with countries in the region, Croatia and Slovenia, revealed similarities and differences in consumer behavior. In the list of the most popular categories, Slovenians share with us air conditioners and winter tires, and they were also most interested in chainsaws, headphones and electric bicycles.

Croatian online consumers have not deviated too much either. The most popular searches for them in 2022 were the categories of electric bicycles, sofas, perfumes, stoves and kitchen blocks.

The most popular products in 2022

And in the list of the ten most popular products in Serbia in 2022, we encountered several surprises. We are primarily thinking of the first-placed two-seater for children, but also of the luxurious Dormeo Dolce headboard.

The other most sought-after products are mostly practical, such as Adidas Terrex shoes, Gel Dedicate tennis shoes, Dunlop winter tires, Pax corner wardrobe, Intex pull-out sofa and Fox 32-inch TV.

The list also includes several seasonal items such as a light-up LED hose and leather hunting boots.

Which products delighted and disappointed online shoppers in 2022?

In addition to the five mentioned most popular categories in 2022, analyzing all the top categories on, we noticed some others that, according to the growth in demand, turned out to be a big surprise. This year it was ceramic tiles, cordless landlines, suitcases, dehumidifiers and hunting clothes.

On the other hand, the biggest negative trend in 2022 was recorded in the swimming pool category with a drop in demand of -85% compared to the previous year, and there are also women's boots (-72%), fences (-66%), garden chairs (- 62%) and fishing equipment (-60).

What awaits us in e-commerce in 2023?

The year at the end was full of turbulence that had an immediate impact on customer behavior. Ever since the first months of 2022 and the start of the war in Ukraine, there has been a noticeable increase in demand for the same products (generator sets, sleeping bags, solar chargers) throughout Central and Eastern Europe.

The spring's drastic increase in fuel prices prompted consumers to look for alternative transportation such as electric bicycles and scooters, while the unstable energy supply situation directed summer and fall online demand toward alternative heating sources and products such as air conditioners and solid fuel stoves. And the analysis of this year's Black Friday purchases indicated a more rational consumption, since the most sought-after products were from the segment of white goods and small household appliances.

The trend of rationalization is expected to continue in the new year as well. Consumers will avoid impulse purchases and devote more time to information about the product, as well as researching the best offers before purchasing. And challenges, but also new opportunities for web sellers will be in the implementation of trends such as sustainability, new delivery methods, taking advantage of local markets and a multi-channel approach to sales.