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Jiří Struk became the new Group Head of Brand Marketing at Heureka Group

26. 07. 2022 | Adéla Berková

Jiří Struk (41) assumed the position of Group Head of Brand Marketing at Heureka Group in July. One of the key goals in his new role is to continue the brand’s unification and strengthen Heureka Group’s position as the Eastern European marketplace leader. Heureka Group provides its shopping advisor and price comparison services in nine Eastern European markets. Jiří joined Heureka Group from PepsiCo, where he supervised the marketing activities of international brands in Eastern Europe for the past 4 years.

In July, Jiří Struk became the new leader of Heureka Group’s international brand marketing team consisting of 23 professionals. "One of my first tasks here at Heureka will be the intensification of international cooperation and the synchronization of activities to achieve synergies," says Jiří Struk about his new role as Group Head of Brand Marketing at Heureka Group, and he states: "Undoubtedly we will progress toward solidifying our position as the market leader in e-commerce in the Central European region, whilst placing emphasis on heading towards a unified shopping advisor and price comparison platform, and moving away from ones serving individual marketplaces." In the long term Jiří will face the challenge of gradually uniting all brands under h!g into one visual identity.

In addition to B2C communication, connecting activities towards B2B partners will also be included in Struk's agenda. "At present we operate internationally on many levels, for example we already offer data reports about whole regions or individual countries to our partners under the Heureka Insights brand. Our sales team also operates regionally, which grants us the opportunity to provide compelling cooperation opportunities to our partners," tells us Jiří Struk, and continues: "Heureka Group as a partner to brands and e-shops, helps them to sell their products, while presenting them with a wide range of options providing visibility." Heureka Group presented a new corporate identity, including three B2B brands, this year in March.

As Struk himself says, the general e-commerce environment and its dynamics will prove to be the biggest challenge for him. "The e-commerce segment is changing incredibly rapidly and the whole market reacts to the daily events almost on an immediate basis. I am looking forward to working in this environment very much, because it will be a completely new experience for me," adds Jiří Struk. Jiří brings with him his experience in international brand activity and team coordination from PepsiCo, where he worked both in the company's local management, and was responsible for the marketing agenda of selected international brands in 35 European countries for 4 years. He also worked for companies such as Maxxium and SONY.

Jiří devotes his free time to summer and winter sports and is an enthusiastic fan of amateur astronomy.

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