Press Releases Marketplace - Future of ecommerce came to Croatia

28. 03. 2022 | Ivana Galetic

At an exclusive ecommerce event organized in Zagreb,, the largest platform for comparative online shopping in Croatia, presented a new service - Jeftinije Marketplace. Jeftinije Marketplace responds to the increasingly demanding needs of online consumers and opens the path for web stores to reach new potential customers on the most visited ecommerce platforms in the region. Digital marketplace of is designed to allow consumers to make even simpler, safer, and faster online purchases in the desired web store directly from the platform.

The CEO of, David Čreslovnik, defines the increasingly challenging market and perspective of Jeftinije Marketplace in Croatia and the rest of the region, as: "Being an e-commerce player these days is becoming an increasingly demanding job. The ad costs are growing exponentially and the competition is fiercer than ever. But at the same time users are becoming more and more demanding, they are becoming aware of the environmental issues and are starting to believe in sustainability. Getting a user on their site, handling logistics and delivery while at the same time providing a top-notch user experience might be just too much for a sales-oriented team of an average e‑shop. Here is where marketplaces will become of great help, namely, they will handle many of the above-mentioned jobs. And at the same time, e‑shops will minimize their dependence on Facebook and Google to attract users. To sum up, e‑shops will focus on users in the next few years and outsource the rest of their work to marketplaces."

Marketplace guarantees safe and secure purchases

Thanks to other price comparison platforms of Heureka Group, of which has been an integral part since 2018, and its upcoming digital transformation are able to provide a unique way for domestic web stores to enter Central and Eastern European markets. With the presence of Heureka Group in 9 countries, with 23 million monthly users and a network of 55 thousand partnered web stores, Jeftinije Marketplace allows domestic merchants to better position themselves in a dynamic market. It also guarantees safe and secure purchases in web stores that have been so far less accessible to consumers.

Igor Martinović, the sales manager at and said: "With this, is showing that it can offer its partners additional and unique services that will help them become the leading ecommerce players in the region. Marketplace is nothing new in developed markets, as it accounts for approximately 66% of sales in European ecommerce markets. By having a presence on Jeftinije Marketplace, merchants will gain access to a plethora of online customers, not only in Croatia, but in the other 8 countries of the CEE region as well. Practically, we allow merchants to take advantage of our leading position on the market and our know-how to expand on markets with up to 23 million people - without excessive investments."

Within the Heureka Group, in the CEE market, digital marketplaces are also available on the Romanian, Hungarian, Slovak and Czech markets. The data and experience of participating merchants clearly show that digital marketplaces such as Jeftinije have unique advantages for merchants and are desirable places to display and attract online shoppers. Competitive prices and a large number of offers along with practical and fast unified delivery from verified and secure web stores in Croatia (and the rest of the region) will satisfy the needs of even the most demanding online consumers.

„We are bringing a marketplace to Croatia to open cross border possibilities for local merchants. Currently, the marketplace represents more than 10% of our GMV and we expect this percentage to grow significantly within the next two or three years," said Michal Vodak, the COO of Heureka Group.

By continuously improving its services, helps to simplify and accelerate online shopping for hundreds of thousands of online consumers in Croatia. With this transformation into a digital marketplace for its users, Jeftinije has opened a way for domestic online consumers to reach even more reliable web stores who guarantee a safe and reliable online shopping experience.