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Heureka strengthens strategically important positions

01. 07. 2021 | Adéla Berková

From the start of July, Honza Mayer (ex-CEO of Dataweps) is the new Managing Director for the Czech and Slovak divisions of Heureka. Heureka Group is also changing its strategic management. The new COO is Michal Vodák, while Tomáš Braverman remains the CEO of the entire group. His main priority is strategic management, the group’s vision and seeking new opportunities to expand to other countries. Martina Chloupková from Slevomat will be heading the group’s HR department from 1 July. Heureka Group is the largest European price comparison engine and these steps are geared towards strengthening its position as an international player. The entire group operates in nine countries in the CEE region, with offices in six cities and more than 350 employees.

As of July, the new Chief Operations Officer (COO) of Heureka Group is Michal Vodák (45), who held the position of Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) until now. Most of the group’s commercial operations will converge under Vodák, and he will be responsible for coordinating the managing directors in all the countries where Heureka Group operates. Furthermore, Michal Vodák will interconnect all the commercial activities across the countries, such as Yield, performance and brand marketing. Before joining Heureka, Michal Vodák gained many years of experience in marketing, digitization and leading domestic and foreign teams at Schaeffler, Mars or the Mafra media group and In his free time, Michal enjoys freeride snowboarding, planting trees in the forest and mushroom hunting in Vysočina. He loves travelling and has not yet met any food he would refuse to try.

Successful finalisation of the Dataweps acquisition

The acquisition of Dataweps took place in March 2021 and the entire integration process was successfully completed with another change in Heureka’s strategic management. Henceforth, all the activities of Czech and Slovak Heureka will be encompassed by Honza Mayer (33, ex-CEO of Dataweps) as the Managing Director for the Czech Republic and Slovakia. On local markets, customer success and care for VIP clients and key business partners is crucial for Heureka. In addition to this support, a heavy emphasis will be placed on improving the quality of content on Heureka in the B2B and B2C spheres and improving the catalogue. Honza has a wealth of experience in leading a successful e‑commerce company from Dataweps, having been present during its foundation and managing it for a number of years. He co-created analytic tools such as Azor (price monitoring), Beed (automatic bidding tool for e‑shops), and TrendLucid and TrendPanel (automated product analytics for e‑commerce). He spends his free time in the wilderness with a backpack. Thanks to his two young sons, he has started studying dinosaurs.

Massive recruitment and unification of cultures across platforms

Staff support for company growth and the co-creation of a work environment across international teams. These are some of the main goals of Martina Chloupková (41) in her new role of Group HR Director for Heureka Group. Martina Chloupková gained experience in an international environment during her previous employment with the American firm Aramark and French Edenred. She is joining Heureka from the e‑commerce sector, namely Slevomat. One of Martina’s challenges will be to support the company’s growth with more than 110 new colleagues and to unify the culture, values and principles of conduct across all the countries. Martina adheres to the motto ’Where there’s a will, there’s a way.’ She loves nature, and prefers to spend her free time with her family in the mountains, biking or skiing. She has been singing and playing guitar since the age of five.

„Developing the strongest e‑commerce player in the region requires the right team of professionals, which has experience, a vision, a desire to move things forward and the right chemistry. I’m delighted that we consistently maintain a team like that at Heureka, and Honza Mayer fits right into it. Pursuing this trend while recruiting newcomers will be a huge task for Martina Chloupková,“ says CEO Tomáš Braverman about the changes in Heureka Group, adding: „In recent years we have undergone a major transformation and opened up significantly to partners across the markets. The expansion and strengthening of these activities will be one of the key priorities for Michal Vodák.“