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Heureka is launching a new Christmas campaign, appeals to customers to choose gifts at the right price

03. 10. 2022 | Adéla Berková

After two and a half years, Heureka comes out with a new TV advertising campaign for Christmas. The campaign shows in 5 different creative ways, that you can save a significant amount of money by choosing the right gift. "As part of the campaign, we appeal to our customers to choose gifts at the right price. At the same time, we are trying to point out that people should not spend on unnecessary things, which is particularly important in today's context," explains about the campaign Jiří Struk, the Group Head of Brand Marketing at Heureka Group. The campaign starts on October 3 and will run until mid-January. During this timeframe, our main message will be to emphasize that customers should check and verify discounts during the January sales. The TV spots will appear on stations of Nova Group, JOJ Group and HbbTV, and will be accompanied by strong online support, from brandings and banners to long and short format videos. Apart from Slovakia, the campaign will also run simultaneously in other countries where Heureka Group operates, specifically in Hungary, Romania, Slovenia and Croatia.

The concept of the advertising campaign was created by Heureka's internal team, and almost all the production materialized there too. The entire international marketing team of Heureka also cooperated on the campaign from the beginning, so that it could be also launched in other countries where Heureka Group is present.

The campaign aims to advise and entertain customers at the same time

"The campaign reminds customers that Heureka is the right place where you can buy gifts wisely, which means for reasonable prices and from verified sellers. At the same time, we support the idea that people should not spend on unnecessary gifts, which in the end won't have the desired effect and will essentially be a waste of money," says Jiří Struk and continues: "We wanted to have a little fun with the campaign and simultaneously break away from heart-wrenching Christmas stories and yelling characters."

This year's Christmas will again be completely different from the last one, which still bore the signs of the coronavirus' influence. "According to our ongoing year-on-year e-commerce analyses, e-shop turnover figures are close to the last year's levels. But the hardest, most important season is starting just now. People will certainly not stop buying gifts and will continue to share joy with others around the Christmas tree. However, in general people will think more about what gifts to buy and where to shop for them, whilst looking for ways to save money. Heureka is the ideal place for doing so, from making the choice to the actual purchase directly through Heureka's platform," concludes Jiří Struk.

lustrational photo - Heureka Christmas campaign