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Heureka Group Unveils New Identity Including Brand-New Sub-Brands for B2B Communication

22. 02. 2022 | Adéla Berková

    Heureka Group, the largest European shopping advice site, is proud to unveil a new logo and corporate identity. Furthermore, the group of price comparison sites in Central and Eastern Europe also introduces three new B2B brands that will streamline and simplify communication with business partners. This identity is based on the Greek alphabet, the language that gave us the phrase of discover eureka (heureka), and it comes with a singular font designed specifically for Heureka Group.

    Heureka Group interconnects 55,000 online retailers with more than 23 million users every month. “We’re an international company with big ambitions and our new identity shows we are prepared to become the undisputed leader on the European market,” Heureka Group CEO Tomáš Braverman explained. The new identity also goes hand-in-hand with all B2B operations at Heureka:

    “We focused on understandable and clear communication with our business partners, which we’ve now unified on all levels. We want to provide our partners with full access to all information and tools that can help them grow,” Braverman added. A brand new website is part of the rebranding, newly emphasizing communication with business partners.

    Online retailers will now work with Heureka Shops, while brands will communicate with Heureka Ads, and our data can be found in Heureka Insights. Existing and new channels will be used for communication. “All information about options for cooperation will be available in one place: from an overview of e‑shop settings, our advertising formats, or opportunities to use our data summaries,” Braverman concluded.


    I’ve Got It!: A New Identity Based on Discovery

    Heureka Group’s new visual identity is based on Greek inspiration and the exclamation “eureka!” when discovering something momentous. “For years, we’ve helped customers find the best offers. That’s where our name comes from and that’s the core of our business. But we’re also here for our partners, be they e‑shops, brands, or agencies. We want to help them with their online sales and be better positioned,” Group Head of Brand in Heureka Group Marek Dobrý explains the story of the new identity. “The unique font was designed especially for us and is based on the Greek alphabet, which is a reference to education, knowledge, and discovery; all terms that describe our work.”

    Customers Won’t See a Change, E-Shops Should Be Excited

    The changes will not affect regular customers (B2C). Shopping advisers and will not undergo any visual changes, which only relate to Heureka Group’s B2B brands and new brands for business partners.