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Heureka Group is adopting a new technical solution for all its 9 European markets

12. 10. 2023

Heureka Group has taken a significant step in building its unified purchasing platform, which will unify various technological solutions in all nine countries in which the company operates. It is now starting to implement a change that its users will recognize at the first glance, and that is a unified look. The new look has already been deployed on the Bulgarian market, on the latest version of the Pazaruvaj portal, which is the local version of the Heureka search engine and shopping guide. The new solution will be deployed over the next year across all nine markets, with Bulgaria next followed by Slovakia.

"Over the past few years, we have added several companies across Europe to the Heureka Group, and a need arose for their technological unification into one platform. We managed to complete an important phase of our front-end development, and Pazaruvaj users in Bulgaria can already see the results of our work. Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Romania will follow next," describes the gradual process of changes Lukáš Putna, CTO of Heureka Group.

The change begins in Bulgaria, and we will see it on the Czech market in the coming months.

The transition to a unified platform is a project that Heureka has been working on for the past few months. It is extremely important for us not only for simpler management from a technical standpoint, but also for our users, for whom the change will simplify the orientation on the website and offer, for example, shopping advice. "To be sure that the solution we came up with is understandable for our customers we chose a gradual transition. We started with Bulgaria, where we have enough traffic on the site, which allowed us to gradually start AB testing. In addition, it is a country where more than 75% of people visit Pazaruvaj from mobile devices, which was also an important criterion for us, as we develop new technologies in the spirit of  "mobile first". Slovakia will follow next," adds Lukáš Putna, CTO of Heureka Group and continues: "Czech Heureka users will see the new site in the first half of next year, and in addition to the changes in the background, the quality of the content will be improved, too. For example, users will be able to view the products in a higher-quality image gallery or see its other variants directly from the product details. This will lead to higher quality content in all countries in the future, which is one of the main reasons we are making these changes.”

What does the new look mean for the users?

The main change is the overhaul of the appearance itself. Now Pazaruvaj is much airier, uses bigger images, has improved banner placement, and displays more main products. All this leads to better clarity for the users. We have incorporated new filters and the navigation to product details is also new, which will facilitate the selection of the desired product. Not only will the technological solution be uniform for the entire Heureka Group, but also the appearance of the regional websites.

New and improved tools are now also available to users to help them choose the right product. These improvements include such elements as improved product details, a large number of reviews, where at least the last three reviews are visible directly with the product details. The ability to filter reviews has also been added, so users now can easily find answers to the questions they are currently having when making a purchase decision.

Another novelty is the addition of content pages of shopping advisors, which are intended to help users in a situation when they are uncertain according to which parameters to choose between the products. This can happen when buying goods that are bought only a few times in a lifetime, such as a washing machine, or with goods that have never been bought before. The search has also been improved. The latest searches are saved in the user's history, so it has never been easier to return to the viewed items.

We will continue the development in the future. The development and product teams at Heureka Group are already working on additional features. These include, for example, the possibility to inquire about a specific concern of an exact product. The big advantage of the new solution is that it will be possible to deploy changes more quickly across all nine markets where Heureka Group operates.