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Heureka Group grants 5 additional vacation days to their employees and becomes a company which supports working from anywhere

03. 05. 2022 | Adéla Berková

Heureka Group, the shopping advisor and price comparison website in nine Eastern European markets, offers their employees 30 vacation days starting from May, and also introduces the possibility to work permanently from anywhere without having to come into the office. Together with benefits in the form of paid therapies, above-standard health care and financial consulting, Heureka is one of the companies with the widest offering range of employee benefits.

Starting from the 1st of May, Heureka Group has introduced a total of 5 additional days off for their employees, respectively a day for volunteering, birthday leave, and 3 additional days called ‘WhateverDays’, which can be taken out for any reason. "We know that among Heureka Group employees flexibility and work-life balance are the most discussed topics. For a long time, we have been focusing on assembling and adjusting company benefits in a way that they would reflect our current needs," explains Martina Chloupková, the Head of the HR department of Heureka Group, and she continues: "In our operating region, with the exception of the Czech Republic, companies which provide so many vacation days are rare. For example, in Hungary only a few top players in the eCommerce and technology sector offer this benefit." In addition to these days, our employees at Heureka can take advantage of development days. Development days count 1 or 2 days per month, which can be used for trainings, webinars, courses, conferences, or other educational activities.

According to a survey made by the agency KornFerry, only a quarter (26%) of companies offer extra days off. In most cases (74%), these are three so-called ‘SickDays’.

Balance and mental health are key 

Wellbeing, meaning work-life balance and mental health not only at work have been a topic of discussion at Heureka for a long time. Heureka was one of the first companies to offer their employees the opportunity of online consultation with a doctor (uLékař The portfolio of benefits also includes cooperation with the platform, whose services are actively used by roughly a third of the company's employees every month. "Generally, we take heed to the work and private life balance of our employees at Heureka. We recognise that a content person works much more efficiently, solves the challenges they have to face with greater enthusiasm, and overall satisfaction is also reflected in the company’s atmosphere," adds Martina Chloupková from Heureka Group.

The ‘Work from anywhere’ concept has proved itself

Even though Heureka had offered the possibility to work from home even before the pandemic, the last two years demonstrated that the full-remote work concept works well, and also opens up new recruitment opportunities. "We are building an international platform and it is not rare at all, that we have international teams which not just don't sit together physically, but sometimes don't even meet. The official introduction of full-remote work is actually more like a formality, even though an important step for our internal policies, which have been in place for a long time," explains Martina Chloupková from Heureka Group, and continues: "We still support meeting in person at the office, to reinforce this we regularly organise company breakfasts and meet at the office during company-wide presentations. "Additionally, we will meet in a larger new office in Prague starting from June. Gradually we will expand this to all the cities (Liberec, Pilsen, and Brno) where our offices are located."