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Heureka Group changes office in Prague, announces new headquarters

11. 07. 2022

    The brand-new offices within the building, which this year aims to achieve the highest WELL sustainability certification, have been reported by the European shopping advisor and price comparison site Heureka Group since June. Heureka is anchored in the Mississippi House building in the River City Prague complex in Karlín. Heureka has taken over offices in a building with state-of-the-art technology to ensure first-class employee care and to help maintain an environmentally friendly approach. In addition to Prague, Heureka also has offices in Liberec, Plzeň and Brno in the Czech Republic, and internationally in Budapest and Ljubljana. The project management of the move was provided by JLL, while the architects were provided by TÉTRIS DESIGN & BUILD S.R.O. 

    Marketplace interior theme

    The space in the newly built Mississippi House building has also become the new headquarters of the entire Heureka Group, which currently employs 450 people in the CEE region. The assignment for the workspace design and the specifications of the requirements came from internal inquiries and the specific needs of individual team leaders and their departments. “The main idea behind the new offices is flexibility and cooperation. Our goal was to create a place where everyone can find a chair and a place for the current type of activities they will be doing that day – from the need for co-working or team meetings to focus-booths for concentrated quiet work. In accordance with our regional strategy, the entire interior concept is in the spirit of a marketplace. That’s why we have created places with different work themes”, explains Martina Chloupková, Head of HR for the entire Heureka Group, who continues: “The key for us was precisely having just enough meeting rooms, telebooths, meeting points and co-working spaces. Because even though we have the option of fully remote work, meeting in offices is still very important to us and we encourage it a lot. But with our average growth rate of 10 people per month for the Czech Republic, the old offices could no longer cope”.

    A total of 26 meeting points and 150 workstations have been redesigned in Heureka, providing a total of 303 chairs to work on. In addition to 19 parking spaces in the underground offices, monitored parking spaces for bikes and other alternative modes of transport are a matter of course.

    The location of the new premises is no different from the old ones; Heureka remains in a prestigious location in Karlín with a pleasant view of Prague. “We are pleased that the planned completion of the Vltava River footbridge to Holešovice will simplify transport to our offices”, adds Martina Chloupková.

     In the name of sustainability

    An equally important factor in the decision-making process was long-term sustainability and social responsibility. “One of the key themes of the entire group is sustainability. After launching the “Sustainable E-shop” project and organising the “Sustainability in E-commerce” conference, we wanted to link this theme with our headquarters”, explains Martina Chloupková, Head of HR at the Heureka Group, who continues: “We are located in a building that ranks among the most technologically advanced on the Czech market. Emphasis is placed on reducing energy consumption and using advanced waste recycling and CO2 monitoring, which fits in with our strategy to eliminate our carbon footprint”. Retention tanks in the building capture rainwater, which they plan to use for irrigating the greenery around the buildings. Fundamental parts of the long-term sustainability concept are the design of a special glazed façade that retains solar heat gain while maintaining high daylight transmission, and geothermal boreholes beneath the building that provide approximately 80% of cooling and heating for the entire building.

    The building has been awarded LEED Platinum certification, an internationally recognised standard in the design and construction of environmentally friendly and sustainable green buildings. At the same time, it aims to obtain WELL Platinum certification, which primarily focuses on a healthy lifestyle and a healthy working environment. It ensures that lighting, air, water and noise levels meet the strictest health and environmental criteria.

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