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Heureka continues its acquisitions with the logistics company Balíkobot

25. 08. 2022 | Adéla Berková

Strengthening our services in the field of processing and transferring logistics data on the market, as well as expanding and making them more attractive for our partners - these are the main goals of Heureka Group’s next acquisition. With this in mind Heureka Group acquired Balíkobot, the service currently majority-owned by investors Martin Kasa and David Folprecht. The tool, which significantly aids e-shops and other package senders in data transmission to shipping services and enables accurate online tracking of the shipment’s movement, is in line with Heureka Group's long-term goals of building the largest European marketplace. Neither party wishes to comment on the value of the acquisition.

Heureka announces another acquisition one and a half year after acquiring Dataweps, the Brno-based technology company. Our current purchase is the Balíkobot tool, which facilitates the management and transmission of logistics data to shipping providers.

"Uniting with a partner whose strong know-how in the field of logistics significantly improves and advances our services within the framework of building the unified platform of Heureka Group and the largest European marketplace," says Tomáš Braverman, CEO of Heureka. Group, about the new acquisition. It currently operates in nine countries in the Central and Eastern European region. "For a long time, we have been trying to deepen our relationships with our partners and promote their sales across our whole operating region. We believe that the wide range of possibilities for processing logistics information and the facilitation of the entire data transmission process to shipping providers will be appreciated not only by the e-shops, but also by the end users thanks to the more accurate and faster transmission of information. And not just inside our marketplace, but also in the Verified by Customers program,” adds Braverman.

"I've been standing behind Balíkobot since the beginning and I'm very happy to hand it over to an accomplished player like Heureka. Balíkobot is growing yearly by tens of precents and has a very experienced team led by Martin Šauer. I expect further dynamic growth and foreign expansion within the Heureka Group, and new synergies from the group’s internal cooperation", comments Martin Kasa on the connection. Balíkobot as a service has been operating on the market since 2014. It ensures automated and direct data exchange on packages, pallets, and letters between the e-shop’s (or company’s) and the shipping providers’ system, thanks to which the logistics of the goods themselves is significantly accelerated.

"Thanks to the appearance of a strong partner operating in the entire Central and Eastern European region, we will be able to expand and develop our services on a larger scale.

Here at Heureka Group, we want to look for synergies in order to develop new services that help our customers to manage better their logistics processes," adds Martin Šauer, CEO of Balíkobot.

Currently there have been no changes in the management at Balíkobot. Within the structure of Heureka Group, Balíkobot will be an independent unit seeking suitable synergies. The CEO of Balíkobot, Martin Šauer, from now on will report to the CEO of the entire Heureka Group, Tomáš Braverman.

About Heureka Group

Heureka Group is the largest shopping advisor and price comparison website available in nine Central and Eastern European countries with 23 million monthly visitors and has offers from more than 55 thousand online stores. Heureka Group’s key mission is to connect e-shops and brands with their customers. Our main goal is to help e-shops, brands, and other partners to reach our whole user base across the entire region and provide them with extensive support in every aspect of our services. Heureka Group also includes Árukereső.hu in Hungary, in Romania, in Bulgaria, in Slovenia, in Croatia, in Serbia, and in Bosnia.

About the Balíkobot service

This service has been on the market since August 2014 and has helped more than 3,000 customers to deliver almost 30 million shipments in 2021. It's a technology that helps companies speed up and simplify the delivery of goods, whether they are packages, entire pallets, or letters. Balíkobot can be directly integrated into the administration of ERP, WMS, e-shop systems or into your own solution. The integration incorporates address label printing, data verification, data transfer to shipping companies, shipment tracking (Track & Trace) and other services that run automatically or can be activated with just one click. Balíkobot is in operation on the Czech and Slovak markets while its integration is currently offered by more than 120 e-shops and ERP systems.