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Dataweps become part of Heureka Group

18. 03. 2021 | Adéla Berková

Heureka Group, the e‑commerce platform with the highest traffic in the CEE region with more than 23 million users per month, recently concluded an important transaction. Dataweps, a company specialising in the creation of tools for product analytics, automation of processes in e‑shops and development of data technologies, is to become part of the group. This combining of Dataweps and Heureka represents the culmination of the appetite for acquisition exhibited in recent months by Heureka, an appetite which could well continue.

„Heureka Group is the strongest e‑commerce player in the CEE region. We are building the largest marketplace in Central and Eastern Europe and are now also reinforcing our standing from a technological point of view. Joining forces with a player such as Dataweps makes a huge amount of sense to us because, thanks to our common synergies, we will be able to improve a lot of processes which allow us to focus on the provision of better-quality services for e‑shops on all of the markets we operate on,“ stated Tomáš Braverman, CEO of Heureka Group, who continued: „With this step, we are making the operation of Heureka simpler for our partners and e‑shops, allowing them to use it to the maximum. The result of this will be a positive impact on end customers who will see a relatively larger number of relevant offers in the product cards or will get information about individual products quicker.“

According to Braverman, Heureka wants to resolve one of their long-term „aches and pains“. „We are well aware from the feedback provided by e‑shops that they feel there is a lack of any tool to simplify the operation of Heureka. We would like to react to this and prepare the basic version of a simple tool for beginners,“ explained Braverman.

The product development teams at Dataweps will create another team in Heureka, known as a tribe, which will work on the development of existing tools and which will help their incorporation into certain parts of the administration in Heureka. „This means that Heureka will in fact be opening another office in Brno,“ added Tomáš Braverman.

The Dataweps teams will also handle the existing collaboration with VIP clients. „Our primary focus will still be customer care and work on the development of our tools. The same teams will be working on these as before. Thanks to a faster line of communication, we will have more up-to-date information about changes in Heureka and beyond and will be able to offer clients a higher quality and stability of tools for e‑shops and brands throughout the whole of the CEE region,“ said Honza Mayer, the current CEO of Dataweps, who continued: „We will continue to provide top-class independent services with a high level of added value under the banner of this European leader. We know that only clients receiving services that offer them more than they are paying for them will be happy with them over the long term.“

The incorporation of Dataweps in the Heureka Group will be taking place over the next few months and the current CEO of Dataweps, Honza Mayer, will be responsible for the supervision of the whole process. Heureka Group is owned by a trio of investors, 40% held by the PPF group, 40% by EC Investments a.s., which is owed by the entrepreneurs Daniel Křetínský, Patrik Tkáč and Roman Korbačka, and 20% by the Rockaway group, which is owned by Jakub Havrlant. Neither the ownership structure nor the top management of Heureka Group will be changing.

About Dataweps

Dataweps is the number one company in the field of automation of demanding data processes in e‑shops. The company creates top-class tools for product analytics and works on the development of data technologies. It also collaborates with Masaryk University in Brno. Dataweps has been operating in the field of Czech e‑commerce since 2014. The company has 4 owners: Honza Mayer, Tomáš Novotný, Tomáš Goláň and Daniel Mrózek. Honza Mayer has acted as the CEO for the past few years. Together, they established a company with clients including both leading Czech e‑commerce players (Alza, Mall, Vivantis and Datart, etc.) and also foreign companies such as Cybex.

About Heureka Group

Heureka Group operates in nine countries throughout Central and Eastern Europe, boasting 23 million visitors per month and an offer encompassing more than 55,000 e‑shops. The key mission of Heureka Group is to connect e‑shops and brands with customers. The main objective is to help e‑shops, brands and other partners to reach out to all of our users across the entire region and, while doing so, to provide them the maximum possible support in all aspects. Heureka Group also includes Árukereső.hu in Hungary, in Romania, from Bulgaria, from Slovenia, from Croatia, from Serbia and from Bosnia. Heureka Group is owned by a trio of investors, 40% held by the PPF group, 40% by EC Investments a.s., which is owned by the entrepreneurs Daniel Křetínský, Patrik Tkáč and Roman Korbačka, and 20% by the Rockaway group, which is owned by Jakub Havrlant.