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Choose wonderfully, that is the goal of Heureka Group and part of its visual and communicational transformation

16. 10. 2023 | Lucie Dlouhá

    The largest European shopping advisor, a group of 9 price comparators in Central and Eastern Europe, is the Heureka Group of today. The companies joined by acquisitions are now also visually united. Heureka Group implements a uniform visual style and way of communication in all countries it operates. In the complete change of identity and communication style the agencies Planetary and Studio Marvil have cooperated with Heureka.

    Heureka Group currently operates as shopping advisor and price comparator in 9 countries, in which until now has used different visual styles. "Operating different brands in so many markets, each with its own unique way of communication and identity, has proven to be unsustainable in the long term, especially if we want to operate on an international scale. We increasingly felt the need to unify and refresh the brand and its overall style," Jiří Struk, Group Head of Brand Marketing, explains the reason behind the change.

    All companies belonging to the group will receive new logos, design, and communication style, both for B2C and B2B. For these changes, Heureka Group has worked together with the agencies Planetary and Studio Marvil. "In an international selection process for creative agencies and design studios, Planetary impressed us with their ability of fast creative process. Studio Marvil clearly demonstrated the ability to develop a compact system with a visual identity in accordance with the demands of contemporary design," explains Jiří Struk about the choice of agencies.

    Leo Savage, Planetary: “Planetary made a strong case for platforms like Heureka to move beyond just advertising as a functional service, and begin to take their rightful place as a modern brand that inspires high levels of love and loyalty in their user base. Combining the best tenets of a brand building strategy and a long term creative idea, Planetary and Heureke were able to crack a highly resonant and insightful basis for both the brand and its products to communicate as one voice.  The campaign „Choose Wonderfully“ was born from a desire to reframe consumer choice in a world where those choices are ubiquitous, unrelenting and increasingly stressful.”

    We are also changing our logo. The exclamation mark replaces the magnifying glass as a symbol of the company and overall, as a symbol of positive emotion in finding the right product at a great price! As Heureka concluded from a survey, decision paralysis is a major obstacle when shopping for many users. That's why Heureka Group came up with the concept "Choose wonderfully!" The company provides comprehensive product information, offers from reputable sellers and user reviews, helping our visitors make the best possible purchase, simply by helping them make a wonderful choice.

    Heureka Group is currently deploying new advertisements created by the Planetary agency in all countries in which it operates. "The new spots also deal with decision paralysis as a barrier for users, and as a solution, our slogan "chose wonderfully" - thanks to Heureka, is integrated in the advertisement. The advertising spots will also be supported by strong digital activity in the coming months," adds Jiří Struk.

    The unified visual style of all Heureka Group entities will strengthen its position as an international player and relieve the workload of our employees. "The change will help us increase the efficiency of our work, and this is the first step of a long-term consolidation," concludes Struk.

    Graphic materials can be downloaded here.