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Besides online sales, the largest competition for online retailers, WEB RETAILER AWARD 2021, is also consistently growing!

Ceneje - The situation in the online sales market has drastically changed in the last two years as, in addition to the global growth in online sales, there is also a noticeable fast development and effective implementation of innovations and business expansions among online retailers. What do they do each year for visibility, recognisability and recognition among themselves? 

The already decade-old and established WEB RETAILER AWARD 2021 competition  continues the tradition of the largest ecommerce connector of stakeholders in the world of online commerce. Those among them that are especially agile, and improvement, development and expansion oriented, and also others that are somewhat more conservative apply in great numbers each year for the competition that has been organized for the 10th year in Slovenia, for the 7th in Croatia, and the 2nd in Serbia by, which has been, since 2019, a part the Heureka Group, the largest platform and advisor for online comparison shopping in Europe.

During the competition, there were as many as 412 small and large online retailers competing for the prestigious awards within different categories (these are formed each year based on the products that are offered by online retailers in their online shops).

In addition to feedback from their customers and a technical analysis of their online shops, online retailers also received evaluations, opinions, and directions from an 84-member international professional Board of Experts in the field of ecommerce. The President of the Board, Polona Stanovnik, the Marketing Leader at, introduced the award ceremony with these words:

We are happy that the number of competitors at the Web Retailer Award increases each year, which is a clear signal that online retailers are interested in knowing how good their shops are compared to others. The fact that they strive for progress and constant improvements while striving to offer their customers the best possible experience is also of exceptional importance. After a year of extreme circumstances for online shopping, consumers in the Adriatic region have become increasingly demanding and skilful at shopping, and such competitions can help online retailers reach towards excellence and greater success.”

The finalists of the entire Adriatic region and the CEO of the Heureka group, Tomáš Braverman, participated at the event that, in light of current conditions, occurred as a hybrid event and in a limited number. One of the notable speakers was David Pivk, the Marketing Director at Nike Direct for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

The date of the award ceremony was also not chosen at random, as 11 November marks the world famous Single’s Day that, in 2019, with a record number of sales, marked a major turning point for online shopping.

Who are the best online retailers in the region?

The most prestigious titles for online retailers on the regional level were earned by these award winners:

3rd Customer’s Choice Award

2nd Customer’s Choice Award

1st Customer’s Choice Award

Web Challenger Award – online retailer winner:

Web Champion Award – online retailer winner:

Committee Award

Adriatic Champion Award

In the individual categories, the best were:

Clothing and footwear

Fashion accessories


Web shopping malls

Specialised stores & services


Consumer tech






Healthy diet and nutritional supplements


Individual online retailers that could not be present for the award ceremony received trophies for prize-winning sustainable packaging with measurements of circular design from the company DS Smith. The completely recyclable packaging, which received the packaging Oscar, is suited for reuse and contains 100% recycled materials from renewable sources. Due to its special construction, the packaging is fast and easy to assemble. The product is additionally protected against damage during shipping, and the special pin prevents unauthorized opening. That way, sustainable development is spreading into all the corners of ecommerce and business of the most important online retailers in the region.