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After two years, Má wins the “Shop of the Year” award again

Once again, the most prestigious awards, providing credible feedback on consumer perceptions of retailers for more than a decade, have been awarded to Hungarian e‑shops. In 2021, more than 2200 e‑shops took part in the competition organized by Árukereső.hu, and Má won again after two years.

Over the past ten years, the number of participants has grown five times at this renowned challenge of Hungarian online retailers. While in 2011 only 440 e‑shops competed, last year a record number of 2200+ e‑shops took part in the 11th annual competition organized by Árukereső.hu. The reason for the steadily-growing interest is the important recognition and credible feedback provided by the awards of the “Shop of the Year” competition: the “Quality” (“Minőségi”) and “Popularity” (“Népszerűségi”) awards have gained considerable prestige in the Hungarian e-commerce sector.

Participants could compete in these two categories again. Voting for the Public Choice Award was possible at and via dedicated buttons at competing e‑shops. The “Quality” category was open to the member e‑shops of the “Trusted Shop Programme” (“Megbízható Bolt Program”) of Árukereső.hu. These awards reflect the annual performance of the programme members based on real customer reviews.

The “Best E-Shop 2021” award was granted to Má along with the “Quality I” award of the “Electronic Products and Mobile Communication” category. Continuing the tradition, the winners of each category received a total of HUF 2.8 million PPC (online advertising budget) prizes. Short report from the evening you can see here.

“There were significant changes in our world since we had our last awards ceremony in person two years ago: e-commerce overtook itself and jumped several years ahead, while thousands of new consumers tried online shopping and other services of the digital space,” said Csaba Rácz, Managing Director of Árukereső.hu. He added: "This year’s winners are more than the most reliable service providers of the Hungarian e‑shopping sector; these are businesses that have successfully overcome the challenges of this period. They were able to benefit from the situation; they not only succeeded in retaining their customers, but also in increasing their numbers and satisfaction.”

For the first time this year, special awards were granted in “Marketplace” category based on quality and quantity criteria. László Baka, Marketing Manager of Árukereső.hu explained that direct sales via Árukereső is a key opportunity to increase turnover both for the company and its partners. Customers rate their shopping experience with Árukereső Marketplace through a questionnaire, and the winners of special awards are determined based on cumulative feedback. Last year was the best followed by and Netkazá

The complete list of winners can be found at