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Slovenia's location is a melting pot of commercial routes and cultural influences.

It is bordered by Italy to the west, Austria to the north, Hungary to the northeast, Croatia to the southeast and the Adriatic Sea to the southwest. Joining NATO and the EU in 2004 it also became one of the first new member states to adopt the Euro in 2007 becoming a high-income country in 2010 by the OECD. As an export oriented country with Germany being its main business partner important economic drivers for the country are the services industry, followed by manufacturing and construction. Expect to find customers with a high average revenue per user (ARPU) - around €244,17 at the moment.

million population
% population active on the internet
% VAT – tax burden

About Slovenia

internet market overview

63% of Slovenians order goods and services online, with goods being purchased more frequently than services (55% goods, 33% services, 12% other). Cross-border e-commerce is growing as more Slovenians (27 % of Internet users) purchase goods and services online from other EU countries and the United States. They use all major international e-commerce sites including www.amazon.com, although many Slovenians choose to purchase online from EU-based websites of popular American online companies such as Amazon UK to avoid duties.

million people shopping online
% e-commerce growth rate
% online share of retail

The strongest players in e-commerce

The biggest local e‑shops are mimovrste, Big Bang, Ideo.si and pametno.si with a strong position of international players such as aliexpress.com, bolha.com, ebay.com and amazon.com. Ceneje.si is is the leading comparison and shopping advisor on the Slovenian market.

Growth of e-commerce

Slovenia currently recorded a 17% growth in e-commerce sales. Revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2019-2023) of 8,4%, resulting in a market volume of €445 mil. by 2023.

Popular payment types

The most popular is payment by card, followed by increasingly popular e-wallets.

E-commerce revenue

Revenue in the e-commerce market reached €322 million in 2019. The market's largest segment is Electronics & Media with a market volume of €144 mil. in 2019. B2B e-commerce si still underdeveloped.

Internet penetration

Approximately 90% of Slovenians aged 10-74 (some 1,3 million), as well as almost all companies with ten or more employees, have broadband Internet access. With a current 71,4% penetration, 73,02% is expected in 2022. (statista.com)

Favorite shopping categories

The most common items purchased online include electronic products, fashion products, housing equipment, books, medicine, health supplements, travel bookings or airline tickets.

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our platform Ceneje.si

Ceneje.si is the largest and leading comparison shopping platform in the region with more than 400 online stores, 8 000 brands, over 1,5 million products and more than 1 600 000 daily active offers. In our region, when people hear about Ceneje they know it's another name for smart shopping.


Consumers can find information that is relevant to them in the purchasing process at Ceneje and become part of a community of online shoppers that helps them make smarter purchases. Thus, Ceneje has elevated the comparison of product features and their prices to the highest level so far, which, in addition to expert advice and buying guides, includes the invaluable opinions of other users.

million users per month
hundred e‑shops on the platform
% platform growth rate

how to get listed on Ceneje.si

Translate your e‑shop to Slovenian language

The main condition is to have a shop in the Slovenian language. The platform is based on a postpaid model, thus you will get a contract of cooperation.

Register on our platform

You can register on our registration page (in Slovenian) or contact us and we will process the registration for you. Prepare your XML feed as required in the XML feed specification.

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We highly recommend purchasing of Verified by Customers certificate, especially for the new shops entering the market. It is important to show that you are a trustworthy shop. Do you want to maximize your sales? Join our bidding service.

We can also offer custom data reports of the categories you are interested in. Just contact us below.

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