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Hungary, located in Central Europe with a population of nearly 10 million people, successfully transitioned from a centrally planned economy to market-based since 1989.

It is a member of the OECD (1996), NATO (1999), the European Union (2004) and the Schengen Area (2007) with a per capita income of 2/3 of the EU-28 average and a total GDP of 139,8 billion EUR (2008). Hungary boasts a strategic location with access to EU markets, a highly skilled and educated workforce and a sound infrastructure attractive to international companies.

million population
% population active on the internet
% VAT – high tax burden

basic information about hungary

internet market overview

The Hungarian government places high priority on developing the e-commerce sector, realising its potential for driving Hungary's productivity and innovation. Even though e-commerce had a slow start in the country, it has been booming recently. The most advanced segment is e-banking and there are currently 6,1 million active online shoppers.

million people shopping online
% e-commerce growth rate
% online share of retail

The strongest players in e-commerce is the leading comparison and shopping advisor on the Hungarian market. The biggest local e‑shops are Emag, Extreme Digital, Media Markt, Alza, Mall and Euronics.

E-commerce revenue

E-commerce revenue is currently around 1,5 bil. EUR annually and is expected to have a 1,83 billion EUR total turnover in 2019 thus steadily growing since 2010 with an estimated growth of 7,3%.

Popular payment types

The most popular payment choice in Hungary is online payment by card.

Internet penetration

Hungary has at least 8,588,776 internet users (as of Dec/2018) with a 89.0% penetration ( 62% of Hungarians shop online (EU average is 69%).

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