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Bosnia and Herzegovina is located in South Eastern Europe and is one of the least economically developed European countries. The per capita income in the country is low which limits the growth potential of certain markets and increases price sensitivity. The average revenue per user (ARPU) around €109 is however double compared to Serbia.

The spread of credit cards allows development of sales catalogs, advertising on television, radio, press and of course e-commerce thus offering huge potential. Paying in monthly installments, even for low-cost products, it wide-spread in Bosnia. Over 91% of the population has access to a mobile phone.

million population
% population active on the internet
% VAT – tax burden

About Bosnia

internet market overview

E-commerce is not well developed and conducting business on the Internet and ordering online while paying with a credit card is still rare. The financial sector leads the way with many commercial banks offering e-banking to their clients. According to a research study carried out by students at the Burch University in Sarajevo, the reason e-commerce has not taken off in Bosnia is not infrastructural nor technological but cultural. They point out that the technologies needed for the implementation and development of e-commerce in the country are available and online shops do exist in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but the population is not yet accustomed to shopping online. Mobile devices are not yet used for doing business online, mainly due to high mobile internet service prices. Bosnia was one of the last countries in the region to develop and adopt a major e-business law and related regulations.

million people shopping online
% e-commerce growth rate
% online share of retail

The strongest players in e-commerce

Popular marketplaces are the local olx.ba and international players as amazon.com, ebay.com or aliexpress.com. ekupi.ba is a popular electronic store with idealno.ba being the leading comparison shopping platform. The fastest-growing e-commerce pages in Bosnia are Mbuy, eKupi.ba and citydeal.ba.

Growth of e-commerce

Revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2019-2023) of 6,2%, resulting in a market volume of €243 mil. by 2023.

E-commerce revenue

Revenue from Bosnian e-commerce is approx €191 mil. in 2019. The market's largest segment is Electronics & Media with a market volume of 62 mil. EUR in 2019.

Internet penetration

There are about 1,7 mil. offical Internet users in Bosnia with a penetration of 52,9% in 2019 estimated to reach 59,2% by 2023. Unofficial estimates however speak of 80% of the population using the Internet.

Favorite shopping categories

The most common items purchased online include electronic products, fashion products, housing equipment, books, medicine, health supplements, travel bookings or airline tickets.

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our platform Idealno.ba

Idealno.ba is a comparison shopping platform with more than 100 web stores, 2 000 brands and over 500 000 products. Idealno.ba operates as a part of the leading comparison shopping platform in the region.


The 4 web portals ceneje.si, jeftinije.hr, idealno.rs and idealno.ba let users compare products, find sellers and check prices in Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia.

million products
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